Pet Transport & Pet Moving Company

TLC~PET~TRANSPORT, Inc. has become the most popular nationwide pet and small animal transport service in the country. TLC~PET~TRANSPORT, Inc. was the FIRST established USDA licensed, Private “families only” Pet Transport Service established in the country. We have been safely transporting your loved ones across America since 2001.

TLC Pet Transport, Inc. specializes in moving “one family at a time” to provide you and your pet family the safest pet relocation service possible. We give your kids the same love and care that they get from you.

Group Pet Transports are also available as we can offer you the option of several pets but different families in the same van.

We are now offering our TLC Pet Transport Flight Nanny Service for all puppies and kittens and small adult pets under 20 pounds.

Our safe method of Ground Pet Transporting provides for your pets every need.

Our drivers and nannies are experienced Pet Movers and Pet Lovers. Your pets will travel by Minivan for both private and group transports. Group transports have a limit of 4 pets/crates per mini van. We do it this way to provide your pets the shortest trip possible. And also because it is more comfortable for them. We also use our larger, customized Ford Transit passenger van for families with many pets. The van we use just depends on the size of your pet family.

We are always able to provide one on one communication with your pets by just looking over our shoulder. This enables our professional drivers to closely monitor and care for your Pet’s shipping throughout their entire air-conditioned and/or heated journey, with frequent rest, exercise and potty breaks along the way. Our drivers stop every 4 hours for potty and exercise breaks. Each dog gets his own 10-minute walk or run. And a back massage or belly rub is always appreciated >^..^<

Cats are always kept crated for their entire journey, But their crates are large enough to hold a full size litter box and also provides them with walking around room. We use soft sided carriers with mesh windows that have zippers on the top and sides for easy access. This helps us tend to their needs easily. These crates are escape proof.

We do not like to use cargo type vans because we feel they are too bouncy and noisy and impersonal. And there are no windows for pets to look out. We do not want your pets to feel alone and separated from their driver by a partition. Our drivers talk to your pets while they travel. Doing this reduces their stress and makes the trip more comfortable for them. This is especially good for cat shipping and bird shipping. Cats need the least amount of stress possible. And birds need a smooth and draft free ride.

We are also able to guarantee on time delivery within 1 to 4 days of departure, depending on the distance of your trip. A coast to coast transport takes only 4 days. Also, we do not give you a window time, instead we are able to give you your exact day for pickup and delivery.

There are so many people that have multiple pets. TLC Pet Transport, Inc. offers a “families only” Pet Transportation Package for your convenience. By transporting “one family at a time”, we find that it reduces the stress of being surrounded with other animals. It also eliminates your concern for infectious diseases. Also, your dogs do not need to be in a crate if you would prefer they lay on their beds for their trip. This is especially good for senior and disabled dogs.

TLC uses new vans.

We also arrange your Private Family Pet Transport around your dates and schedules. You may choose your transport pickup date or delivery date.

In addition to our private family Pet Transports, we also offer and provide intimate group Pet Transports for people with just one or two pets who do not desire or require that their Pets Travel by themselves.

NEW SCHEDULE:  Our group Pet Transports run coast to coast once a month. Our east coast pickups are on the 7th every month. And our west coast pickups are on the 11th of every month. We also offer east coast transports from Maine to Florida on the 15th of every month. And from Florida to Maine on the 17th of every month.

So whether you are permanently relocating across the country or going on vacation and you want your pets with you or you are a snow bird just going away for the season, TLC~PET~TRANSPORT, Inc. will deliver your dog-cat-bird-exotic door to door, safe and sound……happy and content.