The Digital Nomad’s Guide to Managing a Pet

Are you a remote worker considering taking your pet on the road with you? Managing a pet while living as a digital nomad can be challenging. But with research, planning, and organization, it is possible to get the best of both worlds. TLC Pet Transport takes a look at how to do just that. Are… Read more »

5 Tips for Living with a Cat for People With Allergies

  Image credit: Pexels Source: Though it may seem unlikely, the number of cat owners with allergies is rising. 20% of adults worldwide have cat allergies, and that percentage is only expected to grow. Fortunately, if you’re among those whose best friend is a feline and you can’t stop sneezing around them, you don’t have… Read more »

Tell-tale Signs Your Pet Might Be Stressed

All pet owners want to make their furry friends happy and healthy. Just like humans, pets can also experience stress sometimes. Pets under stress may experience serious health problems. Therefore, it is vital to recognize the signs so that your pet can receive proper care. Photo by Chris Shafer Several health issues and stress in… Read more »

Keep Your Pet Safe and Happy During a Move With This Guide

Moving with a pet can be a stressful experience for both of you, which is why it’s so important to make some considerations for their well-being as you’re planning for the big day. Not only do you need to think about how to keep your pet safe during the actual move, you’ll need to make… Read more »

How Do Dogs Say Thank You? Signs And Behaviors

Gratitude is an essential attribute that humans possess. Showing gratitude fosters a good relationship is a beautiful feeling. This feeling is common to the person showing gratitude and the person on the receiving end. We experience gratitude as humans, but is it the same with animals? Animals also have various ways to show gratitude, although… Read more »

Finding the Joy in Elderly Pet Care

  Our pets give us unconditional love throughout their lives, but as they age, they need us to care for their unique and changing needs. While this can be bittersweet, it can also be a time of creating sweet memories that will last a lifetime. That’s why TLC Pet Transport has put together some tips… Read more »

6 Ways to Make Relocation with Pets Easier

Relocating with pets is stressful for both you and your pets. You’re stressed and occupied, handling stuff, taking care of yourself and your furry pals. And your four-legged friends are distressed by the chaos that accompanies. The hustle and bustle and the change in their environment cause them to become anxious. Some animals are so… Read more »

What are the Best Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds for Adoption?

Do you sneeze, get hives, or do your eyes get teary and red whenever you are close to a cat? Maybe it’s a family member (like a child) who has been having never-ending flu symptoms ever since you adopted a cat. You (or your family member) could be allergic to cats. It is not strange…. Read more »

How to Choose the Best Food for Your Puppy

There are so many different sorts of food for your puppy – so which should you choose? Whether you choose commercial or home-cooked pet food, it is important to understand your puppy’s nutrition needs. Check out these tips before you go to the store to buy the best food for your puppy. Leaning towards dry… Read more »

Could A Vegan Diet Actually Be Better For Your Pet?”

More people are going vegan and for good reason. According to research, a balanced plant-based diet contributes to a healthy body and it can also help prevent diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. If you’re a dog parent, you may be wondering if a vegan diet provides the same benefits to your pup…. Read more »