Comfortable & Safe Dog Transportation Services

Nationwide Dog Shipping


TLC Pet Transport, Inc. is an exclusive pet ground transport company providing group and private family door to door transportation for Dog Shipping and puppies throughout the United States. Our primary goal is to provide your dogs with Tender Loving Care during their travels with us.

  • TLC Pet Transport, Inc. offers ground shipping Dog Transportation Services for your beloved dog(s).
  • We offer private family transports and intimate group transports.
  • Our primary goal is your dog’s comfort and safety and happiness while they are entrusted to us.
  • Our guarantee is that no transport will take longer than 4 days.
  • Spacious carriers and new bedding are provided for each transport.
  • Group Transport – We transport only 4 dogs per mini-van.
  • Private Transport – We transport only your dog or family of dogs. Our drivers are dedicated exclusively to your pet(s) with no other dogs or cats in our vehicle.
  • We will use our large customized deluxe vans for our larger private family transports for customers with more than 4 dogs. 
  • Group Transport – Senior dogs and very large dogs do not need to be crated. We allow 1 dog per trip to ride crate free.
  • Private Transport – Your dogs do not need to be crated (unless you prefer)  They are allowed to stretch out on their beds or our beds in our carpeted mini vans.
  • Private Transport – You may send along all of your dog’s belongings that will be needed at their destination.
  • All dog breeds are welcomed.
  • Senior dogs and handicapped dogs are our specialty.
  • All of our drivers are trained to administer medication and injections.
  • Veterinarian is on call at all times.
  • Puppies travel next to their driver in the passenger seat in a puppy bed and seatbelt.
  • Dogs are walked and exercised every 4 hours. Puppies under 12 weeks will be walked on concrete only.
  • Fresh spring water is always available and provided by us. And your dog(s) will be fed according to your instructions.
  • We provide everything needed for transport except your dog’s food and collar. If you prefer your dog wears a halter or harness, please provide that upon pickup.
  • Your dog(s) will NEVER be left unattended.
  • Professional and experienced and mature drivers.
  • Unlimited cell phone access to your dog’s driver during their trip.
  • We offer nationwide door to door and coast to coast services for our lower 48 states.
  • Leading Animal Care Standards, licensed by the USDA, APHIS.