Private and Group Small Animal Moving


TLC~Pet~Transport, Inc. Rates for Group Pet Transports (several pets, different families, same van) are figured by the size of your pet and how much space they occupy in our van (carrier dimensions cost chart is below) plus a gas surcharge of .30 cents per mile of your total transport miles door to door (zip code to zip code). This is the current gas surcharge rate as of March 1, 2024. As gas prices change, so will our gas surcharge. Adjustments are made when needed. Unfortunately, the price of gas has affected our business as well. We are sorry that we have had to increase our gas prices. Hopefully, in 2025, everything will go back to normal.

Private transports are figured differently. They are figured by the round-trip mile from out of either our Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, Florida or Texas office. Please email or call the office for a quote.

The cost for tolls may be applied to Private Pet Transports located in the northeast.

We also offer a 10% discount for our brave and dedicated men and women in the military with an active military ID. We are very proud and thank you for your service.

Rescue organizations will receive a substantial discount.
And we thank you for adopting a homeless dog or cat.

Golden Retriever puppy and kitten posing on white background.

Private family transports are figured by the round trip mile starting at one of our offices.

Please call Us at the Office Phone 859-428-1677.

Below you will find our cost chart that we use to figure the rate for a GROUP transport.
The crate dimensions are listed along with the price.

NEW: STARTING IN FEBRUARY, 2023, Our group transports will only be offered in June, July and August.

We will not be offering group transport September thru May. This is because of the bad weather. And the cold and the snowy crossings out west.

To figure up a quote for a group trip, add the cost for crate space plus .30 cents a mile from zip code to zip code together. We do not charge tax or for tolls (except NYC and Wash DC area) with a group transport. There will be no extra charges.

Example: Let’s say your total miles from pickup to delivery are 800 miles. You multiply the 800 miles by .30 cents = $240. Then add that to the crate size that your pet, let’s say a poodle (17 inches tall), will need. So that size crate (space) is $520 + $240 = $760. So, $760 would be the total for your transport (tax and tolls included). NYC will be charged for tolls. As well as the Washington DC area. The chart below will help you determine the size crate you will need for your pets. We will supply all crates needed for transport.

Please measure your dogs from their paws to the top of their head while they are standing, making sure to allow them enough room to stand and turn around easily.** The height is the most important. Get that right and the length and width will allow for more than ample enough room for your dog.

Your cats only can ride in the same crate together at only $200 for each additional cat. Of course, the size of the crate you will need will be larger. Sharing a crate can cut your cost down considerably. (your cats and dogs do not share crates with other customers). Of course, we will use a larger size carrier if there is more than one cat per crate. Each crate will be large enough to hold a full size litter box and allow your cat(s) ample room for walking around..
Our sturdy soft canvas crates have zippers. Which makes it impossible for a cat to dart out of it’s crate while your driver attends to their needs.

When traveling cross country, we prefer that you order at least one size larger carrier for your dog or cat, as your pets’ comfort is our major concern.

We supply everything that will be needed for your  pet transport: all crates, bedding, bowls, litter boxes and litter, collars, leashes and bottled water. All you need to furnish is your pet’s food and a Health Certificate, This Health Certificate should state that your pet is healthy enough to travel and list their current vaccinations and also Rabies. Titer tests are accepted. It must be signed by a licensed veterinarian. It is valid for 10 days, sometimes 30. Each state is different. So check with your local veterinarian.

  1. SmallĀ 
Medium +

Canine Campers are soft sided crates made of sturdy canvas. They have mesh windows all around that have flaps that roll up or can be left down for your pets’ comfort. They also have a fleece bottom. They are very cozy. They cannot be stacked on top of each other. These crates are luxurious and allow for major air flow because of their ‘floor to ceiling” windows.

Dogs may also use soft crates. We offer these crates to you because they are so much more comfortable for your dogs’s transport. But please be aware that if your dog rips or tears their crate during their Pet Transport, you will be responsible and reimbursement will be needed.

We also offer the vari kennel hard crates and wire crates for our more rambunctious passengers. So if you think your pet would be more suitable to travel in these type carriers, please let us know.

All of our crates are disinfected with Triple quick after each use. Triple Quick is a powerful cleaner that kills all known viruses and bacteria, including Parvo, Coronavirus, Canine Adenovirus, Reovirus, Leptospirosis and Parainfluenza. New bedding is used for each transport. You may supply your own bedding and dog beds if you would like.

** In accordance with the rules and regulations of the USDA, and the humane policies outlined by the Independent Pet & Animal Transport Association (IPATA), all animals must have ample room to stand and turn around easily in their carriers.