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This page has been created by request of our customers so that we may post their comments and feedback of our services.

TLC Pet Transport Testimonials show everyone that we are the Nation’s #1 Choice for all of your Pet Transportation and Pet Relocation needs.

TLC’s loving touch is for real !!

We truly love them as much as you do !!

We continue to Transport Rescue Dogs and Rescue Cats for the Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

Please READ our STORY about their amazing relocation journey across the country.


All references below can be provided to you upon request.

Please e-mail us or use the form to the right to see your comments posted on this page and on our Facebook page. travelcare@tlcpettransport.com.

Legitimate pet transporters have to follow strict USDA guidelines and rules and regulations. Please make sure that the pet transporter you hire has been licensed. We are all issued a license and customer number and a certificate. You should always ask to see this certificate before handing over your precious pets to anyone. Ours will be emailed to you upon request.

You can go online at http://www.aphis.usda.gov/ to read all about our rules and regulations. Click on the animal welfare link on the left, then on the publications and reports link. There are also phone numbers and email service provided for any questions you may have.

Before you select a transport company to transport your family members, please go to this web site and check with them to make sure that the company that you select has a USDA license. You will receive a response the same day.

In accordance with the rules and regulations of the USDA, we are all required to obtain an interstate health certificate for every animal being transported. This must come from a licensed veterinarian.

I know you all love your pets, so please use caution in picking your transporter. Get references, check out the company’s USDA license number, make sure all contracts are in order, and mostly, insist on seeing all health certificates and shot records of the other pets being transported with yours. Disease can spread like wide fire and if you don’t feel good about your transporter… follow your instincts.

November 6, 2018  Deecie didn’t follow her instincts. Below is her story.

Well, Gail, this is FYI. Norton just arrived via a company called Bowtie Pet Transport. It took 6 days; for many of those days, I didn’t know where he was and the people were out of touch. They never told me exactly when they would arrive and if they did tell me, they never did arrive on time.

Norton was matted, soaking wet from his water dish spilling, and in pain. I just took him to the vet after giving him a bath to find out his entire belly is raw from lying in a wet crate.

Most nights, I cried because I didn’t know where he was. This is the type of business that gives pet ground transport a bad name.

All this to tell you, that Doug, you, and TLC have set a standard for service and dog care which should be expected at a minimum from any shipper.

Thank you for your past service and know that if I ever ship a dog again, it will only be via TLC.

Deecie M Denison

October 13, 2018

Hi Gale,
I just want to convey how much I appreciate your professionalism and compassionate care in the handling of the transportation process of our newly acquired Bombay kitten, JACK.
Just amazing how smoothly his transfer from Maine to Texas went.
Doug was awesome in the handling and care of Jack. He communicated with us along the way and arrived in a very short period of time! What an awesome guy!
It was a pleasure to visit with you through our email process and get to know you Gale and your genuine love and concern for the many pets you care for across America!
I will recommend your excellent services to anyone I meet.. 5 ***** rating!

Blessings Always,
Karen Darland

October 10, 2018  We just shipped our daughter’s German Shepherd with TLC from central New York to the central coast of California. We were impressed by Doug upon meeting him and felt we could call and check on Leia anytime. The transport was timely and Leia arrived happy, safe and sound in California. Would highly recommend this company and especially our driver Doug!

Suzanne Nye

October 1, 2018

Gale & James,
TLC is the perfect name for your service because everyone involved is treated with tender loving care from the initial contact to the safe delivery…
Thank you doesn’t cover my gratitude for arranging the transport of our Big Beautiful Boy ‘Joko’ (a 2yr old Cane Corso) from Ma. To Ca. From our first conversation I knew that Joko’s safety & well being (and my piece of mind) was your priority. James (Joko’s driver) is top notch. His sincere, confident and quiet demeanor gained Joko’s trust immediately. He was also patient, kind and reassuring to me throughout the journey. I am forever grateful. Thank you once again.
Sally Connor (Mia)

September 27, 2018 Dear Gale, Thank you so much for transporting my Milie (shepherd).
James was awesome: very nice and patient, on time, always kept us informed of the status.
It was fast and easy and my dog arrived as if nothing happened (better than a short car ride with me!).
We are very happy, you are great!
Have a wonderful day and thank you again!

Sept 7, 2018
We have used their service twice and both times it was wonderful. Gale and her transport people are great! They communicate and confirm the pickup and delivery times. They try very hard to accommodate the customers needs. I can’t say enough good and would HIGHLY recommend TLC Pet Transport.

August 4, 2018
My brother passed away in June of this year. He had acquired 8 rescue cats and I promised him I would find them all good homes after he was gone. But, I could only place one kitty. After doing my research I found TLC Pet Transport and they worked with me to transport them all from Oklahoma to Oregon. Teresa was the transporter and I cannot begin to say enough good things about her professionalism and the expert care she give them during this stressful move. One kitty who was in kidney failure needed subcutaneous fluids daily which Teresa preformed. She called me throughout the trip to give me updates and relieve any concerns that I might be having. They arrived safe and calm. A big Thank You to TLC and Teresa for helping me honor my brother’s wishes. And, Teresa has called me afterwards to make sure they are settling in and to offer her suggestions for issues that arise for me as I have never owned a cat, let alone 7 of them. So, if you want peace of mind for your pets, this service will not disappoint you.

July 6, 2018  It’s taken me a while to write this. I was so afraid I wouldn’t be able to find anyone to transport my cats. This was the best service ever. Teresa was my driver and she really went above and beyond for my cats. I highly recommend this service and will definitely use them again. Ann Lunsky

May 13, 2018
Just wanted to thank you for the great service you provided to my dog Chloe. Freddie was great, caring, and personable and Chloe was much less nervous with this trip. I couldn’t believe how quickly he got her here. Thanks again!


April 14, 2018
TLC Pet Transport is great. Gale the owner is wonderful to work with and Doug her driver is amazing. I sent 2 American Bulldog puppies 8 weeks old to Dallas from Pennsylvania and they arrived the next day after pickup from my kennel, happy and healthy. The 2 pet owners were so happy with their service as well. Highly recommend. Thank you Gale and Doug for everything:)

Candy Smith
Candy’s American Bulldog Kennel

April 9, 2018
Hi Gale –
I cannot say enough good things about my experience with TLC…….

Through a very tragic set up circumstances, a young Husky named Finn was left orphaned in Oregon after his owner’s passing. We recently had to euthanize our 12 year-old husky mix, and so when I saw the picture of Finn, I immediately fell for him …

Since we live in Massachusetts, the prospect of transporting Finn seemed daunting. The initial plan was to fly to Oregon, spend a few days with Finn, and then fly back together. But the more I investigated the logistics, the more daunting and scary it became … The FAA has strict restrictions on the crate based on the size of the pet. Also, it turns out transport crates don’t come shipped fully compliant to FAA regulations. For example, metal nuts and bolts securing the crate are required, but the crate manufacturer’s ship them with plastic nuts and bolts. Further complicating the logistics was that the short flight from Medford to Portland Oregon would have been on an aircraft that wouldn’t accommodate the size crate Finn needed. So, I would have had to rent a car, drive 250 miles to Portland, and then get on a flight to Boston. But even after getting on a flight, I was very concerned about the effect 6 hours in a cargo hold would have on Finn, who had already been rescued twice.

I reached out to my Facebook friends for advice, and my SIL Donna recommended TLC. Donna had used TLC twice before to transport 2 dogs to her in Florida. On April 3, I spoke with Gale, and decided to go forward with TLC. It turns out that a TLC driver (Freddy) was already in the northwest, and could take Finn! By the evening of April 4, Freddy had picked up Finn and they were off and running to us in MA. Throughout the 3 day journey, Freddy was in contact with us sending pictures and updates. By the evening of April 6, Finn arrived at his new home, seemingly unscathed and unbothered by his epic 3 day journey across the country! I cannot say how happy we are with the responsiveness, the care, and the level of service TLC provided to us. We are ever grateful to TLC!

April 9, 2018 Thanks for everything. Doug was amazing and I put a 5 star review on yelp since I don’t have Facebook about you and Doug. This was so stress-free and the owners were so happy. Thanks again. You have a amazing company. Have a Blessed day,

March 19, 2018  Hi Gale, Hope you are well. Thank you so much for your amazing pet transportation service.
Everything went to smoothly— we could not be more happy!
We would love to write you a 5 star review! I wanted to ask you the best place to do this– please let me know and thanks again!!!!

Jan 29, 2018
We just had our Rottweiler and German Shepherd transported from Arizona to Kentucky. Our driver was the best ever and my dogs were well cared for and loved him . I was really scared about relocation but our driver Tim was awesome. I can’t thank you guys enough for your kindness and taking excellent care of my fur babies.
Linda Y.

Jan 29, 2018
I wanted to reach out to thank you for the services for which your company provided to my family and our dog Nemo. But I really want to thank Jocelyn. I have nicknamed her my Angel Friend. She is a traveling nurse and pet caregiver who adores what she does and that compassion is contagious in the sense that I felt like our dog was in the best of hands.
Jocelyn comforted me long before she picked up Nemo. We talked quite at length and we both got to know each other. She is such a genuine and compassionate human being. She listens, she’s patient, she truly loves what she does and all that combined made this journey for Nemo seamless.
When she arrived, I was already in tears and she immediately comforted me. I recently lost my mom and Nemo has also been affected looking for her daily. We are having to move and my dad is staying in Southern California while I am setting to move to Tennessee to be closer to my best friends. This move and not having Nemo by my side for even a few days has been hard. Jocelyn made this trip so easy and less worrisome for me. While some may think I am overboard with emotions around a dog just being that – a dog, Nemo is family and for Jocelyn – she understood. She is professional to boot. She called out of concern of possibly having to stop and see a vet in Texas because of her worry about Nemo’s diarrhea which we both concluded wasn’t necessary. But none the less, she didn’t ignore or hide her concerns. She kept me tapped into Nemo’s progress from hardly walking to trotting which she videotaped and text to me.
I plan on keeping in touch with Jocelyn and I will recommend your services to all. Thank you so much for everything and please know that you have an endearing and dedicated professional working for you that deserves a giant hug!
Jenny and Joe

Jan 22, 2018
We made the choice to transport our standard poodle, Lucy, through TLC Transport Service. We were very nervous as this was totally new to us but Gale held our hand throughout the process. Jocelyn picked up Lucy as scheduled and delivered her with great success! We couldn’t be happier with the outcome!
Sherry Doran

January 17, 2018 We relocated from NJ to AZ in the beginning of July 2017 and needed to transport our 2 dogs (labs) and 2 cats across the country. We were THRILLED with the care that our pets received during their relocation! Everything from start to finish went smoothly without a hitch!!! We hands down recommend this company to anyone who truly cares for their furry friends!!! Kate Lakritz

January 12, 2018 This was the first time we used your service and we are so happy to have found you! Your driver, Doug, was wonderful with the puppy and took excellent care of him. It was a long trip from Ohio to Arkansas and even though the weather was not too cooperative seeing as it was January, there were no problems along the way. The family receiving the puppy wanted it to be a surprise, and Doug was even willing to meet the father a couple miles from his residence so he could surprise his children. Thank you again!

Nora Siegner

January 8, 2018  Hi Gale! Thank you all for such a great job with Pippa. Theresa was amazing! Pippa cried at the door when she left ? she took awesome care of her… we have a sweet bunny back with a neighbor, and the kids really miss her. I didn’t originally arrange for transport for her because I had heard bunnies can struggle with travel and stress, but Theresa said you guys have done it before and they’ve done fine… could you get me an approximate quote for transport for her from 46385 to 97070?
Thank you! Jenny Marvin

November 13, 2017
Hi Gale,
Doug is a Saint (and a machine)!. The man is humble and loving. The fact that he can drive that many hours a day is amazing, and yet can still give love to our animal is incredible.
I feel so fortunate to have found your service, and the fact that you do this, at any price, is a godsend. We feel so blessed that we found you. Bless you.

Mark & Shauna Dickinson

October 27, 2017 My 2 Havanese were transported in early Oct ’17 from Massachusetts to Florida in a scheduled East Coast run. Being small they shared a large crate and their driver was Jocelyn. She was fabulous keeping in touch when traffic delayed pick up and also during transit sometimes with photos. She arrived as scheduled and the dogs seemed happy and relaxed. I will definitely use this service again!! Jane Brayton

October 7, 2017

Lovely Gale. You all deserve all the praise and more, and just I am so thankful Millie didn’t have to go through the ordeal of flying. I think it was out of the question.

I have already booked her kennel on the QM2 for her return in 20 months,
so DAVID and I can meet her in NY and do the trip in reverse. The
kennels on eastbound crossings get booked over a year in advance. Rod is intending making a holiday of driving over from LA on his way home to the UK but you never know we might need you again!

I am writing really to ask if you got my embarrassingly small token present via James. I didn’t dare pack anything else because of space, so I was ashamed of the tiny thing…it was just a thought.
Thought James might have forgotten.

We are back in the UK with our black lab, Summer, who is the daughter of
Millie, the baby of her litter of 8. She is 5 years now. I will send you a picture of Millie reunited with Rods 3 children!

All my best, Judy Hallet

August 12, 2017 Doug transported our Moe across country from Arizona to Connecticut. He was so understanding. Moe was nervous at first but quickly became good friends with Doug. He checked in with us several times during the trip. We are so thankful that Doug took care of him and brought him home to us safe and sound. Thank you TLC and Doug.

July 20, 2017 Hi Gale. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help with getting my three cats to Florida. Tim was their driver and he was great!! He really went above and beyond. I posted a review on your FB page as well. I would happily recommend your company to anyone who has to transport pets.
MaryJo, Odin, Rabbit and Tabby

July 17, 2017 Good afternoon Gale, This is a brief note to tell you how pleased we were with the service Jocelyn provided. She was a phone call away and kept us informed always. We really appreciated her thoughtfulness and phone calls. In addition she answered texts promptly and was informative about all questions we asked. Thank you again.

Judy Stevens

June 5, 2017. OMG you guys are the best. You took our babies over 3000 miles and brought them safely back to us we can never thank you enough. Jocelyn was the best always kept in touch with us sent pictures of our boys
Thank you so much again

WeeZe and Papi. Louise

May 5, 2017 Hi Gale,  I just want to follow up to say thank you for helping coordinate Bailey’s travel for the holidays. Jocelyn kept us informed of her progress throughout the trip and Bailey seemed happy at both drop offs. Jocelyn was very professional and we would definitely like to request her in the future for our transport needs. Thank you again and happy new year!

May 5, 2017 Thank you for sending Christian.
He was wonderful and got all the kitties here happy and safe! I will be mailing him a tip… again thank you so much for such s professional and pleasant guy! He was awesome!

May 5, 2017  I felt so comfortable handing puck over to your driver James he was calm, cool ????collected and respectful. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect man for the job he was exactly what I hoped for! Thanks again for giving my buddy a lift! Perfect! Absolutely perfect!

April 15, 2017 Hi Gale, we wanted to extend our thanks to TLC and Tim for getting our furry family members up to Maine safely and soundly. What a blessing your company has been in the midst of a crazy move. Not sure what the etiquette is, but we’d like to give Tim something extra. Would that be OK? I don’t have an address for him, just the TLC address. Thank you. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter. Best, Leah Tuiti

January 30, 2017. Tim brought my 2 cats from Georgia to Ohio. He did an outstanding job. My babies arrived in good moods and I cannot thank him enough for the great care he did for my pets. This business does an outstanding job. Thank you for doing this for me. Peggy

They’re on their way…
Check out this great story about a recent transport we made. http://blog.rollingdogranch.org/rolling_dog_ranch_animal_/2010/05/theyre-on-the-way.html

Be sure to check out the Rolling Dog Ranch Sanctuary website here… https://www.rollingdogfarm.org

May 21, 2015

Dear Gale

Just wanted to thank you again for all your help in getting Max and Ashley to Las Vegas. Your prompt response to all our questions was much appreciated. Doug was wonderful, always keeping us informed along the way. We couldn’t believe how fast he made the trip and the cats looked wonderful. You both have made our move much less stressful, we are very grateful.

Again, Thank You! Best regards

John and Eileen Schimpf

May 12, 2015

Hey Gale. Thank-you so much for transporting my dogs. Mona was great. It was very comforting knowing my dogs were in your hands. I can’t say enough good things about your service!

Thanks so much,

Ted Bennett in Florida

May 12, 2015

I just had the best experience with TLC Pet Transport. We recently relocated from Florida to New Jersey and I had no idea how our 5 dogs would get there. Gale assured me that she would make sure they arrived safely and in comfort, and she was right on. Our driver Mona was very professional and took the time to get to know our dogs before we loaded them up. A day later the dogs were safe and sound up in New Jersey. Thank-you TLC!!


May 11, 2015

Thank you so much for the successful transport of my dog, Charlie from Connecticut to California. I was so nervous about the long journey however Doug was an incredible driver who kept me up to date on the journey and set my mind at ease. Charlie’s arrival took only 3 days and he seemed happy upon his arrival. Doug really did a great job!


April 25, 2015

Thank you so much for bringing my dog, Sammy from California to New York! I can’ believe how fast it was and how professional TLC was. I was very concerned about Sammy especially because he has separation anxiety and hates car ride. Gale gave me really good suggestion plus Doug knew how to handle his issues, which is pretty amazing. I was impressed. Also, Doug told me it was ok to call him anytime and he was always accessible. Thank you so much TLC!!

Hiromi Shiromori

March 17, 2015

Hi Gale,

We are sending out a big thank you to you and TLC and Doug, for your help in getting our 120 pound baby boy, Bentley, home.  You managed to arrange things on short notice, which meant our new bouvier, Bentley, was on his way within days of our first contact with you.  We had to get him from California to a place so far upstate in NY that it is a short drive to Ottawa, Canada from here.  Bentley’s driver, Doug, was his best friend on his journey halfway across the USA.  The whole thing felt like a leap of faith at first, because we knew nothing of your pet transport company until you were recommended by a friend.  All we knew was that flying a 41 inch tall rescue dog clear across the USA was not even in the realm of possibility.  The last time we adopted a bouvier from the other side of the country, we flew out one-way and then rented a van one-way to drive home.  We found it a long & difficult trip.  The way we did it this time, we drove half way across the USA and met our new pup, and then drove back in our own vehicle with him.  It meant we got a little road trip, then a break, and then a bonding trip with our new fellow on our way home to meet the rest of the family.  It broke up his trip; it divided our trip and it allowed us to bring him home in our own vehicle instead of renting and not knowing for sure whether we’d get a dog-friendly rental.  It was perfect.  We have scheduled him to meet our vet tomorrow and I don’t think I have a full record of his vaccinations.  We gave the only copy we had to Doug.  Would you mind emailing that vaccination report to me, so that I can show proof to Bentley’s new vet?  Thanks again for all your kind help.

Sincerely, Wendy Turnbull

February 27th, 2015


Thank you for being such a great transportation for my dog, Sarge. I’m so happy I found your company AND that you were willing to flex on your planned route for us.

Our driver Doug was fantastic and happy to talk to me every day for a progress report.

FYI I have recommended you to the company handling my corporate relocation. They work with many companies and were very interested in your services as an alternative to their current options.

Ashley King

December 15, 2014

Gale Lang and her driver, Tim, transported our champion 3 year old pug from Colorado Springs to Naples, FL. The driver stayed in constant contact with us via text and phone. They made the long trip in only 2 days, thereby reducing stress on the pet as well as the owners.
They went above and beyond the call of duty to convince my reluctant son, who gave the dog up in Colorado Springs, that our pug was in good hands. Both my son and the dog were pleasantly surprised!

Stephen Layton

December 9, 2014

Hi Gale, Boomer arrived safe and sound in Tucson. Your Driver Doug was the best! I appreciate the great job he did in getting him here in a timely fashion. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. We’ll be back in touch when we need to leave for the East Coast in May. Thank You for such a great service.

Gerri Paier

November 25, 2014

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the wonderful care your driver gave to my pets last week.  I felt really good about Doug when I met him and watched how he interacted with all of them.  I was able to pick up my dogs from the kennel today and the staff person commented on how great he was with my animals and how well he treated them and talked to them when he dropped them off in Ohio.  Please pass on my thanks and gratitude to Doug as well.  You will definitely get my recommendation to anyone I meet looking for help in transporting their furry loved ones. Lisa Brandyberry

November 6, 2014
Hi Gale,
I wrote this recommendation of your work that you can include on your profile.
Beverly“I would highly recommend Gale for transporting your most valued four-legged child. Gale drove our Baxter from California to Florida a few years ago, and we were so thrilled with the whole experience. Baxter is a rescue dog and does not warm up to people very easily. 30 minutes after Gale entered our home in California, Baxter was sitting right next to her and loving the nearness of her.
Gale is a Dog Whisperer of the highest level and I would recommend her to anyone needing animal transportation.”
Beverly Aldridge and Baxter

November 6, 2014 

Dear Gale,

I just wanted to thank you with the transport of Moxie.  Your driver seemed very sweet and Moxie showed up safe and sound!  Thank you again.  It’s very difficult to send an animal you love with a perfect stranger but it seemed to be a perfectly safe way to get her here.  Thank you again and many thanks to the driver, Tom

Ann Stillman

November 5, 2014

Hi Gale, I thought you would like to know. After a major surgery, we found out that ALFIE  had 2 nail holes in his foot as well as  rubber band pieces. He has fully recovered and has happily been adopted here in MA.  I wanted to say Thank You for all of your help in saving Alfie.  This could never have happened without you helping with price. I will always be very thankful to you and your driver.

CarolAnn DeFelice……

October 22, 2014

Hi There,

I just wanted to personally thank you for the safe arrival of my treasured fur-babies.  As you know,  we had been absolute nervous “wrecks” about our babies coming to Florida safely. With your help and the assistance of your amazing driver Doug, wehad nothing but smooth sailing. I honestly wanted to relax and after talking with both you and Doug via telephone, I did feel reassured. When Doug got here with my bunch, I was THRILLED!!  And they did GREAT with him! I feel so absolutely blessed that we crossed paths and hope that you will use me as a personal reference for anyone that is a nervous ninny like myself! And the next time you are down near Englewood, I’dlove to meet you in person and thank you personally. With your services, I can’t say enough!!! Thank you a million times!!!

If you do decide to use this as my testimonial, I feel it only fair to disclose the “crew” that Doug was responsible for. I had a 10 year old dog that weighs in at 135lbs, a 9 yo female dog that weighs in at almost 90lbs, a 6yo mutt that weighs about 35lbs and a cat!! This was no small feat!!

All the best & my gratitude “fur-ever”

October 4, 2015

Our cats and dogs were picked up by Gale and transported from California to Florida! Gale kept us up to date on how everyone was doing and despite rain storms, dust storms, traffic and construction got all of our pets to Florida safely and in good spirits. Absolutely incredible service, friendly, and obviously cared deeply for the animals under her care.

Graeme Devine

August 5, 2014

Hi Gale,

I recommended your services to my friend Clara Lee Arnold.  She sent you a quote request last night.  Clara Lee runs Second Chance Cat Rescue, is on the Board of Directors at Hopkins Belize Humane Society and is truly dedicated to the health and wellbeing of cat and dogs (and an occassional pig in Belize!).  We met through a mutual friend at the Wildlife Center of Virginia and have stayed in touch through Facebook and emails.  It’s my hope to join Clara Lee for one of her spay/neuter clinics in Belize. You and Tom were so patient and understanding when I moved to NY when I read that she was needing help getting her cats moved, I immediately sent her your information.  I hope you can help her and possibly extend any rescue discounts available.

Thank you!
Jeanne Moeller

August 4, 2014

Thank you so much for getting my girl Zoey down to me safely. You and your driver were extremely helpful and she is doing great adapting here. I will make sure to  refer you and your company to anyone that might your services.

Brian Lavin

April 26, 2014

We live in Arizona, and our son and his dog were stranded on the east coast. We were able to get our son on a plane, but worried about flying the dog. I googled and found 3 transport services. TLC was the first to call me back. Our dog, Sensi was able to get on a transport 2 days later…and after traveling for 3 days, she was delivered to our doorstep healthy and happy. We were so appreciative of the driver, Doug, who noticed that Sensi would not “poddy or poop” on a leash. So at a rest stop, he put a stake in the ground and tied a long leash to it, and watched from a distance. It worked! We were thankful to hear this, because on long trips, Sensi can get sick due to this problem. So THANK YOU TLC! Sensi is home and doing fine!

Sharon Pearson

April 20th, 2014

Dear Gale,
We recently used TLC to bring our dog Tucker up to New Hampshire from Alabama and couldn’t be happier with the attentive care he received.Margie was absolutely amazing! We spoke with her each night and she clearly gave our dog special care – She told us stories about him and even left her favorite pillow with him at the end of the trip!We are so glad we chose TLC.

Thank you!
Dan & Tayler Levesque & Tucker

April 1, 2014

I wanted to thank you and Maria for the excellent service you provided during the transport of our dog.   My daughter commented that he was very relaxed when she saw him and that Maria must have been very good to him.  We are very pleased with the service. Thanks very much


March 29, 2014

Hi Gale,
I just wanted to take this time to thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity.  Maggie made here not only in a timely manner but safe and sound, it was obvious that she was treated with care and kindness.  Your help and care have allowed me to have my baby girl here with me, and my heart is finally full again.I will recommend you very highly to anyone that needs to have their pet moved.  Please tell Tom Thank You and he is most appreciated for bringing her back to me.Take care and May God Bless you and yours,
Peggy and Maggie Cravens

February 24, 2014

Hi Gail,
just want to thank you for sending Margie for our service!  Margie certainly
has a huge love for animals and spoiled mine rotten I think!  haha.
Thank You so much for the wonderful peace of mind for our animals, I will
certainly spread the word!
Barbara Richardville

February 18, 2014

I want to let you know that we really appreciate the service and dedication your company provides for pet transport.  Nita Hunt

February, 2014


Talked to my driver, Marge, in Louisiana yesterday to check on my girls. Ginger was so stressed about the trip that I was afraid that she would have problems. Marge was having a great time with Abby and Ginger, and Ginger had started protecting her from strangers.

Thank you so much. I was so stressed about this trip that I ended up in the hospital 2 days before leaving…then checked out against medical advice because I did not want them to keep me and DO NOTHING…which is what they were doing.

Anyway, you guys are G R E A T. Yes, I am telling all my friends!!!

God’s love and mine,
The Rev. Kathy Harper

January, 2014

Hi Gale,

I want to thank you and Doug for the successful transport of my dog, Daisy. Doug encountered lots of wintery weather while driving here. It was a long four months without Daisy, but she has now settled into her normal routine, i.e. following me around the house from room to room!

Ann Lindsey

December, 2013


Brian went Above and Beyond his responsibilities!

Brian drove into the worst winter weather Birmingham has seen in 30 years. The weather forecasters totally missed the call, believing the winter weather would never get closer than Montgomery, an hour to the south, but they were very wrong. Snow became ice and given the very hilly nature of the Birmingham area, hundreds of cars are stuck on the roads, making travel nearly impossible.

The last 40 miles of the a 900-mile trip took him 7 hours, and he could never get closer than a mile to the final destination. I ended up getting within a 1/2 mile of him and having to walk to him, grab all the stuff sent with Bios and she and I walked up an ice covered hill to my SUV.

Granted, both he and I are from the north and know how to drive in snow, but we had to deal with thousands of Southerners who do not. With no salt or snow removal equipment, it is a state of emergency here.

He did a wonderful job, and went well beyond his responsibilities. What a dedicated driver. We will be sending him a special thank you for taking such great care of our dog in incredibly difficult conditions.


December, 2013

A second trip across the country for two cats to find their forever home was made possible and done well by TLC. Despite bad weather, Tom got them safely across the country and delivered on time, with regular updates on how things were going. I now have 4 cats who otherwise might not have a forever home and TLC definitely gets a ton of credit for making that possible for both myself and the cats. Not only would I recommend TLC to anyone, but I would recommend them as a far less stressful method than trying to fly animals.

Thanks again!!
Jenn Buschmann

November, 2013

I was so impressed with the information you included on your web site. I was employed as a software/web security tester and have never seen a site provide the advice and links you did. I believe it reflects a deep sense of ethics and concern for others. I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Caitrin McCormick

October, 2013

Hi Gale,

Wow, Doug did a terrific job with my dear fur babies. He is such a great guy and got them here safely and so quickly. I can’t tell you how happy I am with him and your great company. I know moving 24 cats is quite a chore and you and he went ‘above and beyond’ for them and for me. As soon as I met him I knew I didn’t have to worry about them being transported from Utah to Texas in complete safety. I will definitely let anyone else who is thinking of moving a pet to contact you!

We are gradually settling in and still surrounded by tons of boxes but soon things here will be ‘home’ to all of us.

I wondered if you ever received the check from Best Friends??? If you did please let me know when you mail your check to me so I can be looking for it. There are a lot of expenses needed in our new home to get it perfect for everyone.

Thanks again so VERY, very much.

Jayne and all your Furry Friends at the Haven

October, 2013

Hi Gale,

Just want to say Thanks…Gus arrived at his destination and my daughter is heading up state to me. Thanks for taking us a a client.i will recommend you.


October, 2013

Dear Gale,

Thank you thank you thank you!!! Tutti and Donut arived safe and happy to San Diego. The person who drove them is a Real nice good man !!!!! I didnt want to call you late but I definitely will call hou tomorrow!!

Best regards,

May 11, 2013


Recently I moved from Savannah. Georgia up to Newport, Rhode Island and was lucky enough to find TLC to transport my 4 pets along with my car. My driver, Doug, actually arrived several hours ahead of schedule and my babies were happy and safe the entire time. Please don’t hesitate to use this wonderful company if you need to get your pets from one place to another. They were great in every way!

Jackie David

April 29, 2013

Thank you, Gale and crew! With your help and fantastic service, our new rescue dog traveled across the country from Omaha, NE to the Philadelphia area of PA in record time. We were concerned about the stress of a cross country trip (or flight) on this wonderful little dog who had been re-homed a few times. With your help, she arrived at our home safe, healthy, calm, and ready to join her new family. Your private transport service (during the winter months) was a really worthwhile investment in our newest family member. Thanks!

With gratitude,

April 29, 2013


Thanks for doing a wonderful job of moving my dogs, everything went smooth and now my babies are happy in their new home.

Thanks again,
Lyn Keller

April 11, 2013

Hi Gale,
I would like to thank TLC Pet Transport especially to Doug for transported my dog Chevy from St. Louis, MO to Las Vegas, NV. Your service is safe and fast.

Thanks again.
Mary Jane

March 6th, 2013

Hi Gale and Tom,

Moved in this past Saturday and brought the babies home on Monday. They quickly settled in, reacting exactly how I figured they would.

Their stay at the Kitty B&B was great – the owners said they had no problems adjusting and were perfect guests!

My biggest thanks to both of you for your compassion, understanding, love of critters and assistance during my move to NY. I will be putting a testimonial on your website – hopefully this weekend.

I have left your contact information at the Kitty B&B as they too are not fans of flying pets and now that they have a great personal recommendation it might help other families make that decision. They said a family flew their cats from TX to NY and they were so stressed when they got to the facility, and did not settle in as easily as mine.

Take care,

March 5, 2013

Thanks for the excellent service Gale. Wendy arrived about an hour ago and already owns the place.


January 23, 2013

I would like to thank you and your company on doing a great job on transporting my 4 cats from Dallas to Baltimore. I was relocated to Baltimore and you have made this part of our move so easy. The service that you provided was very professional, timely, well communicated, as well as a great price. The cats seemed to be adjusted to our new home in about a hour. I truly believe that they adjusted so quickly to the new house was from the great care you/company gave them though the move. You have a customer for life here and I will pass along to anyone that is looking to move pets to use your company.

Thanks again,

January 16, 2013

We were transporting our two dogs from California to Florida. I was very anxious sending our dogs across the country on the four days journey with a person I’ve never met! Mona and Gale were so understanding and loving! They’ve answered all my questions patiently and showered me and my animals with so much love and care! When we’ve met our pets in Florida they were happy, healthy and joyful!

I recommend the TLC Pet Transport to everyone who wants to make sure that their loving pets will be reunited with owners safely and will be cared for with love!

Thank you Mona! You are the dog’s angel! We love you!

January 14, 2013

Hi Gale,

Just wanted to both say thanks and apologize for being a bit late getting to Rolling Dog this morning. I guess I misunderstood Tom when he said he had a stop in NY – I thought he meant before Rolling Dog, and when I got your email saying before noon, I thought we were talking late morning. I never dreamed I would get a call so early and he would actually be closer than I was to Rolling Dog when he called. I tried to make the best time I could, but stuck in fog behind a tractor trailer on back roads made it impossible. I assume that since Steve was willing to watch them for me for a few minutes, it did not cause a large problem – that certainly was not my intent.

I do want to thank you profusely for your help with this on both my behalf and that of Spirit and Angel. Without you, they would not have had a forever home with me since now after seeing them, there is no way they would have fit as carryon on an airplane and getting the time off to make the drive out and back myself was prohibitive. I did fill out your recommendation form on your website – hopefully having another good recommendation will help other pets find a good home as well as help those who have to move. When I filled that out, I noted that if anyone wished to contact me, they were welcome to. Should someone ask that, feel free to give them either my email or my work phone.

Many thanks to everyone involved! Jenn Buschmann

January 14, 2013

Thank you so much for all your work in bringing Angel and Spirit home to their new home with me. It is extra special to note that all the preliminary work was done via email – while you were on vacation. To me that shows true dedication and caring!

Prior to this, I would have never dreamed that it was possible for me to give a home to two cats almost a country away from me, but TLC made this possible, and even did so much quicker than I would have ever imagined. Your drivers kept me updated along the way and even followed up to make sure I was happy. Should I ever have a need for your services again, I will certainly be in touch, and should anyone need a reference, they are welcome to contact me.

Thanks again for ALL your help!!!

December 2012

Hi Gale,

We want to thank you so much for all of your guidance in arranging our birds’ journey from New Jersey to Arizona. They arrived on Sunday and they were just fine. Doug and Phyllis were terrific. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Enjoy the holiday season.

Gail and Robert Buckler

December 11, 2012

Hi Gale,

I just wanted to let you know Mister Chow arrived in L.A. safe and sound and Doug was always available to take my calls during the trip. Thank you so much!!

Can you let me know the transport days from the West Coast to the East Coast for either late January or early February?

Steve V. Rodriguez

November 14, 2012

Dear Gale,

I just want to say how fantastic Doug & Phyllis were in getting my three cats to me. The cats were healthy and excited when they pulled up. Doug & Phyllis were wonderful in talking to me and giving me updates and not the least bit annoyed that I kept calling to check on the cats. Thanks so much. I let everyone I can know about your company and if I ever plan a similar move, I will definitely be contacting you again.


November 12, 2012

I wanted to thank TLC pet transport for the fabulous job they did bringing my beloved cat from Hannibal, Missouri, to Los Angeles California. They were beyond professional, and were prompt, courteous, and most of all my pet arrived in great shape in only 2 days!!. Doug and his wife were my drivers, and they always answered my calls, and let me know she was fine. For any of you who have concerns about flying with your pet, as I have, this is a wonderful option. Thank you so much!

Victoria Risko

October 2012

Dear Gale,

I want to thank you, and especially Doug and Phyllis, for the wonderful care provided to Tundra during her cross-country trip. As Doug and Phyllis discovered, she is a very timid, but also very sweet dog who really did need some TLC as your name implies. I was predictably upset when I sent her off Saturday night, but was reassured by daily calls to Doug. When she arrived here in CA last evening, about an hour after I had arrived myself, she was thrilled to be re-united with her “pack”. I know that Doug and Phyllis gave her the TLC she needed and thanks to their good care, she has pretty much settled in to our apartment here.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful option for pet-owners who don’t want their pets to travel by air, but need to move them long distances. Attached is a picture of Tundra since you didn’t get to meet her.

Many thanks,

September 2012

Dear Gale: I felt it necessary to let you know how impressed I was with the service TLC provided transporting our goofy, loving 5 month old English Bulldog Bella from Wisconsin to Phoenix. Your service and the wonderful care and attention Doug and Phyllis offered to Bella to allow us the peace of mind as she traveled is beyond words of thanks! I would use your services in a heartbeat and have recommended TLC to other folks in Milwaukee that have pets and may travel or re-locate. Regards Peter Sherwin

September 2012

Thank you again for getting our dogs to us. It’s great to have the whole family together again. We were very pleased with your service. I am amazed at how quickly Tom got the dogs to us! Both of them were happy to get here and seem to be adjusting well. Since Tom delivered them late at night, I did not have a chance to spend much time talking to him personally. My parents, however, spoke highly of him when he picked the dogs up and were very comfortable sending their “granddogs” on their way with him. Thanks again! Nikki Bart

September 2012

Transporting cats is never easy and we’ve done it all with 3 cross country moves in 3 years using air cargo transport, in-cabin transport, and this time ground. This was, by far, the least stressful experience for all of us. It’s not easy when you pack them up for their “road trip” but Corby and Margie put me at ease and the fact that I could keep in touch with them via phone really helped. I’m not gonna lie, it was a long 2 days without them, but in the end I knew I made the right choice. Turtle and Isabella were delivered directly to our door in New Jersey after their long journey from Texas. They were in great condition and pretty much settled right into their new digs after an hour or so. Granted, we had our apartment all set up with our furniture by the time they arrived so that helped, but I really believe that their road trip experience was a good one and helped keep their stress levels down. As a neurotic pet owner, I can honestly recommend TLC Transport hands down. Thanks for making this as easy as possible!

August 2012


Just wanted to let you know that Mike did a fantastic job of getting our sweet old Lab, Rylie, all the way from CA to NJ! He always made himself accessible to talk when I called for a quick update and he cared for her as if she was one of his own. If we ever have to move again, we will certainly be calling upon TLC! Thank you SO much Mike! You made our stressful move much more relaxing knowing that Rylie was in good hands.


August 2012


Both Natalie and I wanted to say thank you for getting Bailey, our bloodhound, back to Baltimore safely. Your driver Tom was absolutely excellent with her and you could really tell that he cared for the well-being of our dog. He was also very professional through every step of the process which was very helpful during this transition period where everything else seemed to be total chaos. Anyway, we just wanted to say thank you and if we find ourselves in this situation again we will know exactly who to call.

Thanks Again,

August 2012

Hi Gale

I just wanted to thank you and Doug for ground transporting “Ruby” safely to Los Angeles last week. She arrived safely and Doug was great to work with – answering all of our phone calls and questions.

It is nice to have a reliable ground transport company to work with that is professional and loves pets! We are only as good as the people we use and you have been fantastic to work with!

All the Best,

August 2012

Dear Gale,

I wanted to thank you, Doug and his wife for the safe and calm transfer of my Grandmother’s cat Penni. Moving Miss Penni was the one concern I had and you guys made it smooth and reassuring. Even Penni who prior to the move, had minimal interaction with men, had taken to Doug! I have enclosed a few coupons for LaQuinta Hotels since they do accept pets. I hope you will be able to use them and the best of Luck!

Thank you again,
Melanie DePaoli

July 2012


Doug and his wife were great and dropped Tucker off at our new place Sunday night as planned. We were very happy with TLC Pet Transport’s service and would definitely recommend you to anyone planning on transporting their pets.

Dirk Herdes

July 2012

Hi Gale and Doug,

Katherine and I want to thank you both for TLC’s professionalism and Doug’s wonderful care for our dogs. They (and our car) arrived safe and sound, and Doug’s kindness throughout the trip meant a lot to us. We know from our experience that you already have a long list of people eager to serve as gushing references for Doug, but please feel free to add Katherine and me to that list!

Thanks to you both.

All the best,
Josh & Katherine

July 2012

Hello to all!

I am writing to sincerely thank and highly recommend TLC Pet Transport to anyone who need to relocate their pets.

On 7/31/12, Tom Mulvaney and his friend Corby arrived to take our 21 cats and 3 parrots form New Jersey to Texas. Emotions were running high for us that day, and we were probably more trouble to deal with than the animals.

Through it all, Tom and Corby were polite, funny and comforting. They were very efficient and caring with the cats and birds, making sure everyone was safe and set with what was needed for the start of the journey (water, litter,etc.). Tom even verified special instructions for a cat that needed medicine along the way.

By the time they left, I felt everyone was in capable, good hands, and my mind was at ease and, I am someone who is very critical and conscientious when it comes to animals.

Tom and Corby drove straight through, taking turns resting and calling to let us know all was well as they cared for our pets. All arrived safely in Texas, 30 some hours later.

I truly thank Tom and Corby for their demeanor, efficiency, and most of all their concern. I will certainly use them again in the future if I need to.

I also want to mention Gale Lang, the owner of TLC Pet Transport, for her friendliness and competent manner on the phone, and for helping set the van up that carried our pets.

Most Sincerely,
Victoria Caldara

July 2012

We have used Gale Lang’s firm probably a dozen different times now to transport disabled dogs and cats for us — including a cross-country move of most of our animals when we moved from Montana to New Hampshire in 2010. I couldn’t recommend TLC Pet Transport highly enough. We have complete confidence in her team, and trust them implicitly. You couldn’t do better than TLC Pet Transport. They’re really our first and only choice when it comes to transporting an animal.

Steve Smith
Rolling Dog Farm

July 2012

Dear Gale, Doug and Phyllis

We were living in albuquerque, nm for 16 years, when we unexpectedly had to return to Ct to live, over the years we had collected 5 cats, 2 were originally ones we got ourselves, another just adopted us, and then a feral cat had kittens under one of our sheds, she had 5 kittens, we managed to tame and socialize 4 of the kittens but could never find kitten number 5, well, the day after i took the 4 kittens to the humane society kitten number 5 showed up, by this time she was too wild to tame, and so we did the spay neuter and release program through the human society, figuring they would live outside, while the other 3 lived in the house, well that winter it was cold went to 8 below zero, so we brought them in the house and they have been inside ever since, so when we knew we had to move, i started researching, how to travel cross country with 5 cats, i read all kinds of things and knew it was next to impossible, and no way would i fly them especially in the summer, then i found TLC Pet Transport, our live savers, i contacted Gale, she gave me a quote for all 5, and they were delivered directly to my mothers doorstep, I was in contact with Doug every day to see how they were doing with the ride, he was always so reassuring, and i never got the impression i was bothering him Gale was always available to answer any questions i had, i never even knew such a service existed but am i glad that it does!!! these people are so caring, and really love animals and realize how important animals are to a family,

We are ever so greatfull to the whole team, and would highly recommend this service for anyone who needs to transport animals, especially long distance, 110% pleased with the service they provided.

thanks again,
Sharon and Charlie Sima

July 2012

My precious angels Cassie and Bandit arrived in New York this afternoon to begin their new life back in what is “mommy’s” home state. Tom did an awesome job with the dog and cat, and kept in touch with me throughout the trip, which eased my mind a lot.

This was a tough decision to let someone else transport my most precious girls, but an elderly mother had to be given my full attention.I can say with all honestly, that it was a decision well worth the stress it caused me. If you are considering transporting your pets, do it. Gale is a true professional, and Tom was a pleasure to work with. Thanks for a job well done!


June 2012

Hi Gail,

It is so refreshing to do business with a person/co. that is honest, accommodating, and cares about the integrity of the company and its name. Thank you so much Gail for your help, this really is taking care of me so that I can focus on the other things I have to take do before I go. God bless you and yours.

Kelly Sears
April 17th, 2012

June 2012

We had our cats moved from VA to CO in a private trip. They rode in a very clean Town and Country mini-van in very large, clean soft crates and were provided new water and food bowls, new litter and litter boxes. The driver drove from KY to VA and then headed back west to CO. Tom, our driver, was very patient with helping me get one particularly skittish young cat into a crate, carrying the crate from floor to floor until we got the cat in the bathroom! He was very patient and is a pet owner himself. He got the cats there in about a day and a half! They do *not* leave your pets alone in the van. If the driver needs to take a nap, the cats are in the van with him with the air conditioning on, and he keeps a spare key in his pocket just in case. Tom even pilled our elderly cat twice a day.

You may think that this service is pricey compared to some others, and it may be, but if you look at what they offer and how well those services are provided, it’s worth every penny. Peace of mind with an experienced and gentle transport company run by caring people is tough to put a price on. If you really cherish your animals, I would save up your pennies and plan on using this company. The driver kept in constant contact with me during the trip. Just incredible service.

Kim A Cone

May 2012

I want to say a big thank you to Tom and Doug for the excellent care and concern in transporting my kids from California to Pennslvania in less than three days time! With my family consisting of 7 cats and 5 dogs with more than the majority of them considered Seniors the all arrived happy and healthy,

I would personally recommend TLC transport to anyone looking to transport their beloved family member in the least stressed environment available. They are very professional and care just as much as you do for your pet. They were timely in answering my calls for updates and pickup/delivery. The transporting vehicle was very well equipped, clean, and climate controlled for each kennel. Again a big thank you to TLC for an awesome job done!

Dana Miller

May 2012

Dear Gale and Tom,

Thank you so much for the wonderful service to get my kitties to their new home in Michigan safely. It took a few days for them to start to feel like they were home, but all 4 of them are doing great! What peace of mind to have your service available. If anyone I know ever needs this kind of service, I will absolutely recommend you.

Thanks again!
Diane McCredie

April 2012

Hi Gale,

Just a few words to let you know that “Kelly” arrived safe,& sound . Good Job !!!!!!!!
I will contact in the Fall,about the return trip. Thanks for all your help.


March 21, 2012

We have used TLC transport for our dogs in rescue several times, and referred adopters to them as well. When it comes to caring for the dogs in our organization, we don’t want to leave anything to chance and only the best will do.
I can send my dogs out on transports with TLC knowing that they will arrive clean, healthy, and stress free to their destination, and that the care they receive on the road will be top notch.

It is worth every penny for that kind of peace of mind. Don’t settle for less.

Susan England
Founder and Director
Ohio English Setter Rescue

Jan 27, 2012

Thank you Gail for everything! Bailey arrived happy and healthy and is doing great. We are so happy to have him and owe it all to you, tom and doug. We will never forget your kindness.

Take care
Stephanie, Scott, Yogi and Bailey

Jan 11, 2012

Thank you, and another great big thank you to Tom, for bringing our Oggie home. He seemed like a super nice guy, clearly he has a big heart, and loves these animals. It’s been a long trip, and Oggie is tired, but he seems to have had a good, safe journey and has been wonderfully taken care of by Tom. I am so happy to have my baby here, and that everything went so well. I will be happy to recommend your service! In fact I wish you had a Facebook page, so that I could write a recommendation.

Thank you again!
Anja, Phillip and Oggie (Baltimore -> San Francisco)

Jan 10, 2012

Dear Gale and Tom.

Thank you so much for coming to my rescue when another transport company, who shall remain nameless, reneged on their contract to transport my Afghan Hound. Words cannot express the helplessness I felt when, thinking I had crossed my t’s and dotted my i’s to facilitate a seamless relocation, an alternate transport company canceled my contract and I was in the middle of a cross country move. You both stepped in and pulled the details together so my beloved Afghan Hound and I could be reunited and for that I will be forever grateful. Not only did you facilitate his transport, but my Afghan Hound genuinely seemed to bond with Tom and cried (as only an Afghan can cry) when he left. “Cash” has since readjusted to his pre-move lifestyle but, if he could talk, I’m sure he would tell of the loving attention and care he received from your staff.

I will recommend your services to anyone/everyone who is looking to transport their 4-legged family members and prefer NOT to rely upon airline accommodations.

Sincerely, Linda Sisti
Simi Valley, CA

Jan 7, 2012


Just wanted to let you know how wonderful Mike was. Our kids did great and I am sure that was due to Mike. He kept us posted and was great with the kids. I used a mobile vet in KY because Stormy was so car adverse. I have already emailed our vet to let him know how great your service was, he told me his clients were always asking him about a service for relocation of their “kids” and had no knowledge of a good service. Thanks again for being so helpful with a nervous mom it was the easiest part of our move to Las Vegas!


Jan 7, 2012

We had a wonderful experience with Doug and wanted to let you know. I liked him right off when I picked him up at the airport yesterday. He did a great job with the dogs and Mike and I are so grateful to have them here safe and sound! We would hire you folks again in a heartbeat!

Doug told us that you are having surgery on your back tomorrow and I just wanted to say that I hope it goes really well and we will be thinking of you.

Thanks for everything.
All our best,
Kim, Mike, Trixie and Buster

November 2011

Dear Gale and Doug,

Thanks so much for your help in transporting my 2 chows from las Vegas. It worked out so well and met Tom within 10 minutes of getting to our meeting point. The dogs were well taken care of. Would use this service again!!!

Thanks again for everything.
Marianne Smart & Lucy & Mason

November 2011


I want to take this opportunity to offer my heartfelt thank you for the wonderful job Doug and Phyllis did in transporting my dog Molly from Missouri to California. Molly tends to be rather nervous but she took to Doug and Phyllis immediately. She was given all the attention and love she could possibly want. What’s more Doug encouraged me to call as frequently as I wanted to check on her. So, not only did they take wonderful care of Molly they also paid special attention to the needs of the owner. I can’t tell you how far that went in reassuring me as well. When Molly arrived at her destination, on time this morning, her temporary care giver even commented to me on what awesome people Doug and Phyllis are, and that Molly was obviously very comfortable with them. I will be recommending TLC Pet Transport to anyone who may ever need to transport a beloved pet.

Thank you, again Gale for making a very potentially stressful event so much easier, on me and Molly.
Gratefully, Sharon Davis

October 2011

Dear Gale and Doug,

I cannot thank you enough for all of your help in getting Hershey, Sparky and Buns here to California. You are wonderful! The gang is adjusting to our new home well—–if only they could unpack boxes!!! You gave me peace of mind during the turbulence of our move.

I cannot thank you enough!
Leslie Vaughan

October 2011

Hi everyone at TLC,

I just wanted to say thank you for the smooth move of my dog from NY to TN. I was really worried, as I know Anu is a big baby, and he has never been away from his “Mommy” with strangers. Tom and Anu bonded almost immediately, Tom is great with dogs! The trip was on time, stress free and worth every penny. I am so glad to have met you and done business with you, and will call again when I move out of TN!

Thanks again,
Darlene Fountain and Anu

October 2011

I want to thank the two of you for all of your help getting our babies from Houston to Maryland. Moving is such a stressful time for all involved. Gal was very assuring when I spoke to her on the phone ( I pestered her more than once) about the transport of my three cats and one parrot. Very helpful friendly and kind. Tom I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting our babies to us safe and sound and in a blink of an eye. Thanks for everything. I will refer you in a heart beat if anyone I knows needs help getting their babies from one state to another. You guys are top notch.

Thanks SO MUCH,
Bambi,Ginny, Chance, Prissy
Deb and Don Hammond

September 2011

THANK YOU!!!!! So much!!!! Podo, Zeke and Aimie are at HOME now. I took a two hour lunch break and just let them wander and sniff and roll and do whatever a dog wants to do. I fell in LOVE with Zeke! He’s huge–a lot bigger than I ever imagined. But very smart and very attentive. I appreciate your eagerness in helping people move their pets about and for helping the “rescued ones” especially. I could not have adopted Zeke, Podo and Aimie if it were not for you and your business. I am sure most of Steve If you ever need someone for referrals—I’m your gal!!!!

I’ve taken in stray dogs since I was knee high to a grasshopper. We lived at the end of a dead end road and people would “dump” their unwanted pets on us every summer. Mom would help us coax them in and then we would clean them up and put an ad in the paper to find them a good home. There was never one we didn’t find a home for. I live in the original farmhouse now. The farm is my solace and my stronghold. And now home for the homeless!!!!

Just wanted you to know that I so appreciate your service and the concern of the animals while in your care. And by the way–those crates are awesome crates—but I think everyone of my Min Pins could be out of them in three minutes or less. But that is just a Min Pin for you! Determined little dogs! Please tell Doug and his wife thank you for me. IF I knew their names and address I would send them a thank you card.

I really do appreciate them allowing the three dogs to hitch a ride with them!!!!AWEsome job!!!

Becky ?

September 2011

Hi Gale,

We had a wonderful experience with Doug and wanted to let you know. I liked him right off when I picked him up at the airport yesterday. He did a great job with the dogs and Mike and I are so grateful to have them here safe and sound! We would hire you folks again in a heartbeat!

Doug told us that you are having surgery on your back tomorrow and I just wanted to say that I hope it goes really well and we will be thinking of you. Thanks for everything.

All our best,
Kim, Mike, Trixie and Buster

August 2011

Hi everyone at TLC,

Just wanted to say thanks again for making Anu’s move from NY to TN a great experience. I was VERY nervous about leaving him with strangers for a long trip, but it worked out beautifully. Tom was GREAT with my big baby, and they bonded almost immediately. The trip was smooth and on-time, and Anu arrived in good shape and in good spirits. I will definately call you guys again when I move from TN to my next location.

Thanks again,
Darlene Fountain and Anu

August 2011

Wanted to say that Midas arrived safely. He is spending the night with my husband at the Four Seasons in Houston. Mona was amazing. She seemed to truly care about Midas and his comfort and safety. She was great at keeping us aware of how Midas was doing and where they were. I can’t thank you and Mona enough for providing such an important service in such a loving and professional way. This was a great experience and I would recommend your service to any pet person looking for a humane and caring way to relocate their beloved family member.


August 2011

Tom and Gale,

I want to thank the two of you for all of your help getting our babies from Houston to Maryland. Moving is such a stressful time for all involved. Gal was very assuring when I spoke to her on the phone ( I pestered her more than once) about the transport of my three cats and one parrot. Very helpful friendly and kind. Tom I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting our babies to us safe and sound and in a blink of an eye. Thanks for everything. I will refer you in a heart beat if anyone I knows needs help getting their babies from one state to another. You guys are top notch.

Thanks SO MUCH
Bambi,Ginny, Chance, Prissy
Deb and Don Hammond

August 2011

Dear Gale and Doug,

I cannot thank you enough for all of your help in getting Hershey, Sparky and Buns here to California. You are wonderful! The gang is adjusting to our new home well—–if only they could unpack boxes!!! You gave me peace of mind during the turbulence of our move.

I cannot thank you enough!
Leslie Vaughan

July 2011

Hi Gale and Tom,

I wanted to thank you both for getting my girls safely to Ohio. I have no idea how I would have gotten the three of them out here myself. With you, I knew they were safe and well cared for and that was a big load off my mind during a very chaotic time. Thank you!

Thanks again and best of luck to you both!
Patty Haws

July 2011


I am so sorry I didn’t think to do this sooner, cross country moves take a lot out of you. Ruby had a fabulous and quick cross country trip (from NC to CA) and we couldn’t be happier with the service. I called several times to check on her and her drivers were always happy to talk to me and tell me she was doing well. They also called my husband who was waiting in CA to inform him of their arrival. I have and will recommend your service to anyone who asks and is need. And wouldn’t hesitate to use your services again should we need them for a future move.

Thank you so much!
Anna Piper (and Ruby)

June 2011

Hi Gale,

I cannot thank you enough for the safe and efficient transport of my dogs. Doug was so wonderful, treating them like his own. I am so glad we chose to do this over air travel. Thank you, thank you! Haley and Max are safely in Massachusetts now!

All the best,
Bobbie Basta

June 2011

Gale and Tom,

Thank you so much for picking up Gretel and delivering her safely to my in-laws home in TN. You were a pleasure to work with and I thank you!


June 2011

Dear Gale,

Just wanted to thank you for your help getting Hank to AZ, he arrived safe and sound. Tom was great, his communication was excellent and we had peace of mind throughout the journey.


June 2011

Hi, Gale.

I just wanted to thank you for transporting our new angel, Adrian. Poor boy is in pretty bad shape. They would definitely have put him down in a shelter. I am so happy he is no longer in that house and I am so relieved to finally get him here. We’re going to make him all better. ? Thank you again – you have no idea how much this meant to me. If I can ever be of assistance in any way, just say the word.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

January 2011

Hello Gale,

This note is a little late, but we’ve been busy getting settled in. We wanted to say a ‘HUGH THANK YOU’ to your company. A very special THANKS to our driver Doug. He transported our 5 cats from Arizona to South Carolina the week before Christmas. What a warm and gentle man he is. He took care of our “babies” like they were his. We were in constant contact with him when needed. Our “babies”, according to Doug were perfect angels from the time he picked them up in Arizona until they arrived in South Carolina 48hrs. later. My husband and I will definitely tell all our friends how wonderful you all were.Well, the 5 Freemans are all settled and love their new home. God Bless you all.

Lyle & Linda Freeman

December 2010


Erin and I would like to thank you for the care you showed in taking our four cats half way across the country on a last minute move. Our talkative foursome are now settling into their new digs until our house is ready. You drove through a blizzard and still managed to arrive earlier than expected. We could tell that the cats were well cared for during the trip with minimal stress on them. We were very fortunate to find you on the internet and, if we move again, we will certainly use your services again. Thank you again for a great job at a very reasonable cost. Much safer than having them sent via air. have a great Christmas and best wishes for a happy and successful New Year.

Dave Giovannini

December 2010

Gale …

I would be honored if you would post my comment …

I recently adopted a deaf English Setter from the Ohio English Setter Rescue in Columbus, Ohio. Living in southwest Florida the transport of this precious cargo was my main dilemma … Pru Hartzler of the rescue group recommended TLC Pet Transport and said that she had met Gale Lang on a previous transport and felt extremely comfortable with this company. I thoroughly read the TLC Pet Transport website and decided to phone them … after speaking with Gale, I booked the transportation for SCOUT. Tom Lang picked SCOUT up and made the trip from Ohio to Florida. The level of communication that Tom gave me was second to none. I felt at ease knowing SCOUT was in goods hands and being cared for so well. When Tom pulled in with SCOUT, he was a top notch professional and had a true caring and loving way with SCOUT. I truly appreciate the way this company handles the animals and will recommend them highly … TLC Pet Transport will deliver another Setter to me in the near future!

Donna Demarest
Scout’s Mom!

December 2010

Good Evening Gale,

Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate your good business! Tom arrived with Scout at 11 this morning and he was totally concerned with Scout and I can see the “loving touch” which is so special …

I have given your information to a friend of mine in New Jersey that may be contacting you …

Thank you again … I wasn’t sure if folks took the time to let you know how pleased they were with your transport …


November 2010

Hi Gail,

Now that things are starting to settle down and feel a little more like normal again, I wanted to take a minute to tell you thank you for everything you did for us to help us move our pups and kitties! Moving is so stressful anyway but to have to say good-bye to your babies and send them on their way just makes it ten times as bad, but putting them in your care alleviated a lot of that stress for me. It was evident from our first conversation what a huge heart you have and how much you genuinely love and care about every animal you tend to during their road trips across America! i know Bailey was a spitfire and a handful so please thank Doug, your “Cat Whisperer” for calming her and helping her chill out during the last half of the trip. She’s completely back to normal now that she’s here with mom and dad and all the stuff that smells familiar to her. Everyone else is doing great too and they’re also happy to be here in the warm sunshine of Florida!

Our vet back in the Kansas City area was very curious to know how our pet moving experience went so he could refer other clients who might also have to make a move with their fur babies too. I’ll happily be recommending you guys to him as a first class bunch of folks to do business with and entrust with their pets.

Thank you again for everything and if we ever need to move a long distance again (no no no! We just got here! haha!), I’ll be sure to give you a call.

Take care and best wishes,
Michelle McElroy
Jacksonville, FL

November 2010
Gale –

I had no idea I could post a comment for others to read on your website. I am Ella’s Momma and back in September, Doug brought her to our home in Napa. Actually, it is now Ella’s home and my husband and I just pay the bills. : ) I was so impressed by Doug and it was an absolute pleasure to meet him. He is by far one of the nicest people I have ever met and I was so happy Ella was in his care. He was very well spoken and I could tell how much he cared for our girl and the other dogs in his care. Please, please, thank him for us and if you could, let him know that Ella is doing wonderful and we are so honored to have her. She is cherished and we love her more every day. Thank you for your wonderful business and a huge thanks for employing someone as fantastic as Doug.

Best –
Jennifer McRoberts

October 2010

Dear Gale and Tom,

Thank you for coordinating and executing the flawless move of my family–Blue, Macka, and Kara–from Georgia to Michigan. I am pleased to report that we are all happy and comfortable in our new home in Michigan!

Hands down, the most anxiety-producing task of my move was the comfort of my three babies. Tom took fabulous care of my family—Clearly, he is a consummate and compassionate expert, as well as a gentleman.

Gale, special thanks for your patience with me during this process.

With gratitude,
Donna Dauphinais

September 2010

Hi Gale –

I’ve been wanted to send you about our transport but I’ve been knee deep in boxes.

I have nothing but great things to say about Doug and our transport. He met us at our house first thing on transport day and actually beat us to our new house in Arizona by about 15 minutes. The most important thing is that our furkids arrived safely in Arizona and seemed very happy.

The cost of the transport was definitely well worth every penny and we will recommend your company to anyone looking for a pet transport!!

Kudos to you – and to Doug!

Cindy and Tim Landis
and…. Sega, Schnae and Alex – woof woof

September 2010

Dear Gail,

I wanted to take the time to write an email to you to let you know how appreciative I am for the tender loving care that Doug Barrier gave my two dogs while transporting them from Arizona to Maine. From the very beginning, the communication was excellent with you and I was made to feel comfortable with my decision to not fly my dogs. I was in constant contact with the driver, Doug to which he welcomed me to call at any time. My dogs arrived to Maine unstressed and happy. I am so grateful that we sought out your company and would highly recommend TLC to anyone who may be contemplating this option. I have given your name and number to my pet sitter/trainer in Phoenix and hope that she will refer more animals to you. Thank you again and keep up the great work.

Kristin Corrado

May 2010

Dear Gale:

I am so sorry I let two weeks pass before sending you this note. I am so happy in my new Montana home and so busy getting my fussy little cat family used to their new surroundings! As you know, the two cats you transported for me are in the “special needs” category, which made an already traumatic situation (the moving of any cat!) even more frightening and worrisome to me. For the months leading up to the move – a big move for me, going back home to Montana after more than 20 years living and working in San Francisco – the biggest worry I had was about these two little spirits, how to move them without disrupting the great progress both had made with me over the years. When I found your website, I thought it might be too good to be true, but I discovered that you and your service is everything I’d hoped and prayed and dreamed it would be. You have such a wonderful way (with people and) with animals, and though the move was not an easy one, you took so much of the stress and worry and trouble away from me and from them.

I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone, and I wanted you to know just how deeply appreciative I am of your kind care and your amazing service.

Lynn, San Francisco to Montana

June 2010

I had a very unusual pet transport problem for Gale to solve. I was leaving Florida and………. Jordan (my black Lab) was moving with me to New York City and Moondoggie (my yellow Lab) was going to live with my friend in Vail, Co.

This made my move very complicated and very stressful for me!

Gale figured out all of the logistics of the trip and how to make it work in the best possible way.

Her driver Mike was just wonderful with the dogs and always kept in contact with me until his part of the trip was over. Then Gale took over as planned and drove Moondoggie to Vail. She was great with my dog and like Mike kept me informed all the way.

I would recommend TLC to anyone who loves their pets and want the very best for them on their travel adventure.

Thank you so much Gale and Mike!

All my best,

July 2010

Hey, Gale. I hope this note finds you well. I just saw the article on the Rolling Dog Ranch website telling of your involvement in their big move and wanted to say Kudos for helping out such a worthy organization!! That is so awesome!! They definitely picked the right person to help with their huge undertaking. I have recommended you many times, as I know you can make a tremendous difference to people making a move with their pets. It looks like you are still staying very busy, and although I don’t know how you do it I’m sure glad you do!

We are all doing well in Telluride and will be here at least one more year. The dogs especially like the cool, dry climate and the snow, but I don’t think I can handle too many more 6 month long winters. I don’t know where life will take us next, (I sure miss VA!), but wherever it may be, we’ll surely need your help in getting there.

Take care and keep up the good work!

Elizabeth Cope

August 2010

I am so thrilled to be reunited with my big sweet boy!! our family is complete again! he is happy as can be. thank you so, so much for taking such good care of him and getting him to me, last-minute and in a timely way. he clearly had a good time. my friend reported to me that Doug was a bit of a dog-whisperer when he picked him up in Albuquerque. you have proven yourself to be trustworthy and professional and clearly animal loving. thanks for staying in constant touch and for spoiling my dog. i will be using your services in the future and i am happy to give a personal reference should you ever need one. again, Blackie and i thank you all. tell Doug he puts the ‘U’ in Doug. i am forever a loyal customer.

September 2010

I want to thank you for the wonderful service Doug provided. It still amazes me at how fast the critters arrived. You could instantly tell that he has a special rapport with animals. Rocky and Annie just loved him and as per usual the cats weren’t concerned. Especially Coco, since she wouldn’t let him sleep.

We will definitely recommend your services to others and will give you a call for any future moves.

I have a thank you note for Doug. If I send it to TLC would you please pass it on.

Thank you again for such great service.

– Mike and Mary Harrison

Dear Nervous Pet Parents ~

If you are anything like me you are worried sick about how you are going to move your animal family from point A to point B. Happily, you have found the answer.

There are no words to express my gratitude for the care given to my four precious kitty cats by Gale of TLC Pet Transport.

My relocation from Richmond, Virginia to Tulsa, Oklahoma, was filled with complications and many changes, yet the only thing that mattered to me was how my babies would get from one place to the other, in one piece, without me there to hold their paws. What a relief it was to find Gale and TLC Pet Transport.

After an extensive Internet search and personally speaking with Gale I was confident my kitties would be in the best of hands. Gale’s professionalism, experience, reassuring nature and motherly care were beyond what I expected. She was never more than a phone call away from me, and never once let my kitties out of her sight.

The boxes still surround me, the change of address cards haven’t been ordered, my TV’s aren’t hooked up, and my back aches like never before, but none of this concerns me as my babies are here, as playful as ever, curious, purring and confident that I had all the boxes delivered just for them to play in and hid under!

I promise you will breathe easier, sleep better and worry less once you chat with Gale and have a plan for transporting your pets. Thank you Gale! You were truly an angel sent by God to help me during a crazy crazy time. Now, if only you could help me with the unpacking and the mess!


Hi Gale,
I hope you and Bruno had a nice journey back to Kentucky. I want to remind you about including comments or feedback by people like me on your website. I thought that you both were warm, wonderful people. All of my apprehension about my “babies” being safe disappeared the minute I met you. The cats are back to normal eating habits and Lucy has two new friends that run back and forth along the opposite side of the fence with her. My furniture arrived yesterday and I’m still waiting for my car…..grrrrr. I know I’m going to love living here and except for the thunder storms, so are my furry children!
Thank you one more time and God bless you both.
Love, Linda
Gale, I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate all you did. All my “kids” love their new home and are adjusting very well. Thanks for taking extra care of my little Rajah. And thanks for bringing along all the extra things I needed. You guys were the best and I am so glad I choose you. I will recommend you to everyone I can.

Again, thank you very much, Leah

Hi Gale,

We just wanted to say thank you for understanding us. But we knew the moment we met you that our babies were in safe hands. We appreciate the way you stayed in touch with us throughout the trip. It really helped.

Thanks again,

Jim and Kelly


We want to write and thank you SOOOOO much for your wonderful care of our cats during our move. You went above and beyond when you took our “babies” to your home to wait out the snow storms we were having here in New York. Your care, communication and reassurance was much appreciated during that frantic time.
Now that we are going back to Florida, we have no hesitation in enlisting your services once again. Thanks and see you soon!
Jan & Craig
Dear Gale,

My wife and I would like to thank you for the care you took in transporting our two cats. Our mind was at ease during the whole time. Both you and your husband are wonderful people. It was very relaxing not having to worry about our pets while making the final preparations for our move. It was an absolute pleasure using your company’s services and we will highly recommend you to all our friends. You have our gratitude.

Best wishes and many many thanks

Fivos Drymiotis

Hi, Gale!

We received your nice note today along with the pictures of you and our crew of dogs. It was so thoughtful of you to take these photos and to send them along to us! It looks like they all were having a pretty good time!

I also want to thank you for the exceptionally good care that all of our dogs and the cat received from you on their big trip out here to Montana. Each of the animals who share their lives with us is absolutely priceless to me, and it is apparent that you take the responsibility of their care very seriously.

If (God forbid!) I should ever have to make another move like this one, you would certainly be the person I would call to help me move them.

Thank you again, very much-
Katy Connelly

P.S. If you are ever in our neck of the woods again, you are always welcome in our home!!!

Always remember: Don’t call him a cowboy until you’ve seen him ride.

Dear Gail,

I talked to several other private transport people before deciding on you. After talking to you I knew Ginger would be in good hands. You certainly went above and beyond the call of duty with Ginger and we thank you.

Ginger especially loved the trip since she enjoys riding and sitting beside you was just icing on the cake. I hope she didn’t take up too much room in bed. J Keeping in touch with us the complete trip was another plus.

I would recommend you to anyone that needs to move their pets (or kids as we call them). Professional, reasonable fees, qualified, reliable, caring, thoughtful and genuinely warm person. What more could you ask for???

Thanks again Gail for all your help.


When my family and I moved from Los Angeles to Nashville, the entire venture was plagued by broken promises, misrepresented schedules and downright piracy. The one shining light in the midst of this nightmare was Gale Lang and TLC Pet Transport. My wife discovered Gale at the last minute as an alternative to flying our cherished cat and dog across the country in the summer heat. TLC picked up our pets at the EXACT time promised, and Gale phoned us frequently en route to give us updates on the health and atitudes of our “kids”. If only commercial movers and contractors were capable of learning lessons, they could learn a lot from Gale. More than simply professional, she clearly cares about what she does – she cares about the animals she transports and she conveys this concern to the owners. In the classic sense of business, she exceeded our expectations, and you can’t ask for more. Well done, Gale. Thank you many times over, and bless you.

-Chaz & Ellie Thompson
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Molly and Missy sends you their regards and want you to know that the trip out from Tennessee to Montana was great..Your pictures of our “kids” by a lake shore was priceless..Catherine and I feel that we could not have picked a better transport service. We.were most gratified in how you guys seemed to adopt our pets and treated them like family. When I plan my next move to Nome, Alaska, you can be sure that we will pick TLC Transport…So get ready…We will expect pics of Molly and Missy by the glaciers…..Our best to you and many thanks for your great service………..The Sammons and Molly and missy.

Hi Gail,

We recieved the photos yesterday and were so pleased to have them! It was obvious from their demeanors that all the pets had been well taken care of but its always fun to “see the evidence.”

You and Nicky were great and we have already recommended you to our vets in Illinois and Arizona and will continue to sing your praises to any- and everyone who loves their animal families.

Nancy James

Dear All ~

We recently had the pleasure of TLC transporting our 12 cats from the New Jersey shore to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our apologies for Sheela whose yowling for nearly 56 hours straight must have interfered with your sleep as well. The cats were picked up around 9 am on Wednesday morning September 7, 2005 and arrived safely, soundly and happily on Friday late after noon September 9th. As with others on this comments page who have experienced long distance moves, we are still waiting for the moving van with our belongings now on Sunday, September 17th! But, the cats and we were only separated for those 56 hours and we are sure that the brevity of the 2,200 mile trip has contributed greatly to their rapid adjustment to their new home. Job well done and we are recommending TLC to our vets in New Jersey and New Mexico. Happy Trails.
Diane & Michele

Just a note to tell you that baby is doing fine, growing like a weed but more loveable then ever. thanks for your part in getting her to us. you are a godsend to people who need animals transported to them. i know now that she received all the attention she needed during her trip. the pictures really showed your interest while she was in your care. baby as a young puppy needed the tender love and care provided by your services, and i would not hesitate to call on you again if the need arises. you are the greatest. i will keep you in mind and recommend you to anyone who needs your type of service…AGAIN THANKS VERY MUCH you are a very special person.

bernie and nancy gifford and lets not forget the BABY


thank you so much for the excellent care you gave Issac! I really do believe your loving care had a great deal to do with his easy transition into our home. I know it was hard on him to leave Liz, yet he arrived here in such good spirits. That certainly is a tribute to your kindness to our dear old friend. His stitches are out and nicely healed, but the ‘collar’ is still in place because each time I have tried to remove it, he starts licking the incision — big surprise! Other than that, everything is going well. If you are ever up our way, you are always welcome in our home. You are an amazing person and we feel blessed for having found you! Thank you again for everything you did. And, we would be happy to provide a positive reference to anyone considering your service.May God bless you richly! Stay in touch!

Candace Chapin and Isaac


We want to thank you again for your help in rescuing the little Bichon Frises brothers “Andy & Ricky.” I’m CONSIDERED A BIT OBSESSIVE WHEN IT COMES TO MY PETS and you did a wonderful job of caring for them and bringing them to us. It was apparent to me that they were neglected in their pervious homes and you made their transition period much smoother. You were there for us when we needed you and you showed professionalism and humanity. Rest assured would use your services again should the need arise and recommend you to anyone requiring a similar service.

(Baker, Florida)

Dear Gale,

Just wanted to inform you that our big move to Boston went off very smoothly.Yesterday, we picked up Aster from the kennel where Mike had him off. Aster is doing great and is perhaps a little confused by the fact that the ground here looks white everywhere ? We could not thank you and Mike enough for the great service that you provided us in taking care of transporting our dog. We especially want to thank Mike who accommodated our requests every step of the way and did things exactly the way we wanted and made pet-transport part of our relocation virtually stress-free.

We would, of course, be more than happy to whole heartedly recommend your service to anyone that is need of a pet transport service.

You may feel free to give us as a reference to any of your future customers.

Viji & Bhavana Sarathy


My name is Colleen Kelleher. I am the manager of the Harvard Kennels in Harvard, Massachusetts. Recently, you had delivered a client of yours to be boarded in our facility. I just wanted to let you know the client was very impressed with your service. I have seen the condition of dogs after a flight across the country and your client was in much better condition than he would have been. If you have any more clients moving to the area that require boarding, grooming etc, we would be happy to assist you in any way. Please contact me if you need any boarding requirements or rate information. That way we could get the client information ahead of time and it would be one less thing for you and your clients to worry about. Thank you very much!

Have a great day!

Sincerely, Colleen Kelleher

I can’t speak highly enough of TLC and its services. I was really concerned about transporting my three cats from Long Island to Indianapolis. Because I was recovering from an accident I was unable to drive them myself. TLC gave me the peace of mind I needed. The cats traveled in very roomy carriers that were large enough to accommodate a full size litter pan, feeding dishes, and they still had adequate room to move around. Gale Lang, the owner, was very supportive via telephone, and the individual who drove them was helpful and caring as well,

Judie DLV
When I decided to move from Florida to Washington state, my only real concern was how to transport my two adorable Persian cats–definitely the airplane cargo hold was not an option. I found TLC through the internet and started conversing with Gale several months before the trip. In fact, I felt like she had become my new best friend. Once we confirmed the transport, I felt like a 1000 pounds had been lifted off of me-I was now free to coordinate the rest of my move. She arrived on time and immediately put my fears to rest. She was in constant contact with me during the five day trip-she treated my “kids” just like her own, with lots and lots of love. They arrived safe and sound. We are all now pretty well settled in the Pacific Northwest and my little ones are doing great.

Joan Mikesell
Mukilteo, Washington

Dear Gale,
You are truly the “dog whisperer” in our lives. After meeting you and seeing how you interacted with Baxter, we knew he would be in good hands on his journey from Southern California to Southwest Florida. We want to thank you so much for the care and love you gave Baxter on the journey. The photos in the dog-friendly hotel said it all. He was completely at ease with you and totally trusting, as were we when we met you. You were most accommodating by being able to schedule the time for the trip around our very specific dates and it all worked out so well. We are 95% settled in our new Florida home and Baxter loves being able to run outside to the lanai (see attached photo) and check out the various birds that fly over and land in the preserve area right behind our house. Today was very special as a bald eagle was spotted in a large tree right behind our home. If your travels ever bring you down this way again, please come by and say hello to us and Baxter.

Best regards,
Jim, Beverly and Baxter Aldridge

Dear Gale,

I cannot express in words the gratitude that I feel for your excellent transport of my bulldogs from Florida to Pennsylvania! When I saw you pull up and my babies got out of your car and they were happy and well-cared-for, I knew that you were the right choice! Your prompt attention and timeliness and general loving care for my dogs is something that all pet owners appreciate and look for in a care-giver for their precious pets! I was especially concerned because the transport was during summer months, and bulldogs are very sensitive to extreme weather, but you handled them with ease and they loved you too!

They were comfy and calm, happy and well-fed, and in your care they made the transition with no problems at all! I would recommend you to anyone and everyone that needs your services!

Thanks again!
Susan M. Zortea

Dear TLC and Gale,

The staff at SAVE would all like to thank you for your help in this time of great need. Without your help Wilson would have never been given the chance to live freely. Before we met I was a little wary of our first encounter. Leaving the life of a dog that I care for in a strangers hands is a little nerve wreaking. Once we met I had no fears at all. You are one of the kindest people I have met in the animal business you have the true passion required to face any situation involving an animals life. I wish you the best of luck with your business and if such need comes again, I will surely use you in the future. I will also recommend you to anyone else looking for pet transport. Thank you again, you are a blessing to the lives of animals.
Jessi, Marta, Wilson, and the staff @ SAVE.
Gail T. Garson
Adoption & Volunteer Coordinator
SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals
900 Herrontown Rd.
Princeton N.J. 08540
visit us on the web at http://www.savehomelessanimals.org/

My boss recently relocated from the West coast to the East coast. I want to say the the transport of his pets was the smoothest, pleasant part of the move. Gayle was very efficient, helpful and a pleasure to deal with. She treated his pets like they were part of her family. Thank you so very much, Gayle. I would highly recommend your company to anyone needing pet transport services.

RoseMarie (Baltimore)

Dear Gale

A few words here isn’t really enough to express how grateful we are for your help. Couldn’t have done it without you and a whole lot of other fantastic people. We loved the video (not a dry eye in Bangkok!) and will put it on our website so others can share the moment.

Heartfelt thanks
Sherry @ SDR

Sherry Conisbee
President & Co-founder
Soi Dog Rescue
Tel: 661 611 2865 / 662 336 0849

Gale, your help was such a huge part of making this happen. Can’t thank you enough… What you did was such a wonderful thing. We’ll have you in our hearts always…

Bob, Patty, Lani, Zack, & Brett/Adam & Rice


Thank you so much for the care you took with Puppy, Mickey and Gracie. I was so worried about getting them across country – especially since they are all rescue animals and a bit on the neurotic side. They have adjusted well to the change from East Coast to West Coast. Thank you for being so understanding of their neurotic behavior. You provide a great service for anyone worried about moving their “babies”


Hi Gale-

I just wanted to let you know that the boys are doing fine now. Atticus was absolutely terrified of the city for the first week. Radley was going after dogs on the street, even knocked a lady over. I thought it was going to be a disaster. But I sent them to doggie day care while I moved into the other apartment and they came back socialized and happy. I live right next to Central Park now so Atticus doesn’t have to deal with trucks and buses. They’re having a great time every morning off leash with the other hundred dogs that are running around. I’m so very very glad I brought them and I’m so very thankful to you for the care you gave them in their cross country sojourn. As you can see, Atticus would have come out of the airplane cargo hold, a traumatized dog. I owe you so much for helping me have my boys with me. Let me know if I can do anything to help your business. I think you’re great. Good luck to you! And if you’re in NYC again, come and visit!

Linda Woolverton

Dear Gale,

Thank you so much taking the stress out of shipping dogs – for the dogs and me! I’ve shipped many dogs by air and it has never gone as smoothly as it did with you. You handled all the details, kept both Kim and myself updated before and during the travel time. No worries for us about airline delays, weather, rough baggage handlers, traffic delays, food and water – you did everything you said you would do, in addition to taking great care of

Edie and Jada.

I use to feel that air shipping was much less stressful for the dogs than by ground but after having the girls travel with you, I no longer think that is true. The dogs are only with you in your vehicle so they are not exposed to all sorts of strange situations and strange people. There were no other animals that you were delivering at the same time. And it is evident that you truly love what you do and want to provide the best for your – our – precious cargo!

This was a wonderful experience for all of us and if I ever need to ship dogs again, you’ll be hearing from me. I highly recommend your service to anyone who wants a dependable and safe way to ship their pets.

Thanks again,
Meredith, Edie and Jada :o)

We are a small, no-kill animal sanctuary in Missouri. We were trying to get a deaf and blind dog to another no-kill sanctuary in Nebraska. I contacted Gale and she happended to be driving through Missouri on her way towards Nebraska. She went out of her way to help us out. We met up early in the morning and she got little Carter all the way to his final destination. She is very caring, more than accomdating and truly cares about the welfare of the animals. She is careful to make sure all animals have the correct vaccinations and all the critters she was transporting that day were happy, healthy and most of all loved! We will definitly use her transport company in the future.
Thanks to Gale and her staff.

Also we need to get another dog from Columbia to Crystal Lake, IL. Is there any time in the near future that you will be down this way to coordinate a trip? Thanks. Susan/Happy Tails

I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to God’s country, the guy’s did also. They have all adjusted very well to the Wyoming altitude. What I can’t understand is why you left. I’m more than pleased with your service, the ‘kids’ were hale and hearty, and I thoroughly recommend your service to anyone who needs to transport their pets. Not only was your service exceptional, it was also reasonably priced. Thanks.

Hank and Sandy Colman

April 2009


I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting Ricky from CA to NJ in only four days. Furthermore, Mike’s mom passed away while he was on the last leg of his trip, and I don’t know how he held together, and finished the trip, but he is one of the most amazing, nicest, and most genuine person I have ever met. My fiance and I would like to send flowers and a card with our condolences to him and his family, and were wondering if we would be able to get a mailing address for him. Gale, Ricky arrived so happy and clean and had a wonderful time with Mike. Please thank Mike for me again when you see/speak to him. I can’t express enough how much I appreciate all he did for Ricky and us.


April 2009

Don & Gail,

Thank you for taking such great care of Charly. Don was absolutely wonderful. Don made this very easy for me to leave Charly in his care.

Moving from California to New Jersey has been an amazing event. I was so worried about how to get Charly out here. The first time I spoke to Gail I knew this was it. You eased my concerns and made the transition easier. If you ever need someone to give a referral, please have them email or call me. I really appreciate everything.

Valerie Strom

P.S. I’m sorry this email took so long to send. Charly is doing wonderful. She lover her new home. She prances with the squirrels. (It is so cute). She is not sure what the deer are yet. She just stares at them.

June 2009


Thank you so much for helping me arrange transportation for me, my little mutt, Lucky, and my big Rottweiler, Goliath from CA to NY. Mike Avery was the driver of my vehicle and he was terrific – very patient with the needs of my dogs (and me!). He was friendly, courteous and a careful driver. I felt like my pets were well cared for and that I could trust Mike to make sure my two best friends were safe. If I ever have to move again, I will definitely contact TLC Pet Transport.

Thank you.
Gail, Lucky-dog, and Goliath

June 2009

Gale and Mike,

I just wanted to drop you and Mike a quick email thanking you for a wonderful job. My sister and I were very pleased with the service and professionalism from Mike and yourself. You run a very difficult business. Caring for people’s pets can be a no win situation at times. Traveling with pets can be stressful even in the owners hands.Taking that stress off my sister made this long move easier to deal with. If for any reason you need a reference for your service, please feel free to give out my (and/or my sister’s) contact information. We

would be more than happy to relay our experience.

Once again, our sincerest gratitude.
Chuck Ferreira and Jana Perryman

July 2009

Dear Gale and Tom,

We trust that Tom has arrived home safely.

There are not many ways to tell you both just how grateful and fortunate we feel to have had you help us transport our beloved dogs to Baltimore, MD and back to Florida. Thank you just does not seem enough. When Tom dropped Chloe & Duncan off at Erhlich Animal Hospital the staff had nothing but excellent things to say about him. They said that they knew that Tom genuinely loved animals and he got down on his knees to say goodbye to the dogs. They were so impressed! You have been excellent in helping in a very trying and emotionally intense situation. You made the whole transition seamless.

For that we will always be in you debt , as one cannot begin to put a price tag on the care that you give, to your precious animal cargo.

We will tell everyone that we meet about your excellent service and look forward to working with you in the future.

With warm regards,
Dr. & Mrs. Donald Dobson (Lutz, Florida)

August 2009

Hi Gale & Tom –

I just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of Max and getting her safely across to Vegas. She went right to Tom when she met him and his presence and demeanor immediately put the both of us at ease.

Thanks again and god bless…

September 2009

Dear Gale,

I wanted to write and tell you how much I valued using the your Pet Transportation Service this summer, twice, riding along with my nineteen-year-old cat, Bush Baby, on a seven hour trip from West Virginia to Indiana. (I rode out on May 13 with you, and returned on August 15 with Mike Avery.) It worked out much better than I hoped. Although your website warned that you might not be able to bring me the precise day I preferred, and I was willing to be flexible, you actually did manage to schedule the days that I asked for, which I greatly appreciated.

I hadn’t expected that the trip could be so pleasant and easy. It was simply the perfect solution for my particular situation, since I wanted to bring my cat with me to stay with my mother for the summer and I preferred not to do the long drive myself. But certainly I wasn’t going to ship my old cat, who trusts me, in some crate by herself, where she would feel abandoned and I would worry the whole time that something terrible was happening to her. I needed to accompany her.

Before I learned of your TLC service, I’d guessed that the best solution would be going by air. That would mean keeping my cat in a pet carrier on taxi rides to and from airports, plus waiting with her at airline gates more than once, since there are no direct flights between my cities of origin and destination. At best, it would have been quite an ordeal.

How much more pleasant it was to have the TLC come directly to my door for me and my cat and our luggage, and drive us door to door! I was able to see that Bush Baby was safe and comfortable all the way, and since she knew I was there (and was sometimes able to sit on my lap) she did very little yowling. The vehicles were comfortable both ways, the ride smooth and direct. (As a side note, I was interested to see the GPS unit in action.) It was a pleasure also to ride with people like you and Mike Avery, who genuinely love animals and know how to treat them. And besides that, you are kind to their human owners. I would certainly recommend your service heartily to anyone who asks.

Sincerely yours,
G. E. Hood

September 2009

Thanks Gale and Tom for all of your help and special care you took in bringing my German Shepherd puppy out to Las Vegas, Nevada from Findlay, Ohio! I am extremely pleased and grateful to you for helping my family become complete! My girl was not stressed at all from the trip and she loves to ride in the car with us! Your communication and assistance was beyond compare! You helped us out in our time of need and we couldn’t have done this without you. I would definitely hire you again if ever I need to pet transport!!! You are AWESOME! I will refer everyone I know to use you for any future pet transportation needs and will not hesitate to use you again myself, if ever there is a need! Words can not describe how happy we are! Thank you so much!!!

Sincerely, Tisha, Tyas and Onyx Nakoma

October 2009

Dear Gale,

We would like to thank you so for bringing Basil, Clover, and Shadow from NYC to LA for us. They were well taken care of and each had plenty of room in their carriers. I couldn’t imagine flying them out here. I know you gave them the love and attention that we couldn’t on your travel across the country. It made our move less stressful. We have been telling all of our friends what a wonderful job you did. We know our 3 dogs can be a handful. We will definitely call if we need to make another big move. Thank you again.

Amy & Jeff Benjamin

P.S. Shadow, Basil, & Clover say thank you as well.

October 2009

Gale was wonderful with our two older dogs. She took care of them and travelled with them from San Diego to Ohio, and she was very much in tune with their personalities and needs by the second day. Gale addressed every unexpected challenge with our older dogs with grace and an expert hand. They were with an interim mommy the whole time, and when they arrived in Ohio, Gale suggested the best dog kennel I have ever experienced for them to bunk down until the rest of the family arrived. She has an instinct with animals that is uncanny. I think they would prefer to live with Gale.

Thanks Gale,

February 4, 2007

Dear Gale,

I want to compliment you on a terrific service. We have been searching for some time for a comfortable and safe way to transport our 2 Labrador retrievers between our homes in California and Florida. We have tried several different options and none were satisfactory–until we contacted you. Our experience this year with TLC Pet Transport was great from start to finish. It is a pleasure to work with such a professional, dependable, and caring group. And as you had predicted, our dogs fell in love with their driver. When it came time for the return trip and they saw Don, they were obviously delighted and very happy to be on another road trip with him.

We will definitely be calling again for our next trip. Thank you very much.

Nicola Lerner

Hi Gale,

I’m sorry for the delay but I want to thank you so very, very much for having taken the tremendous chore and responsibility of transporting my “family” of 8 cats from NYC to Utah.

You did a super job of taking care of not only my healthy kids but you were exceptional at caring for my special-needs guys, as well.

I still don’t know how you were able to time everything so perfectly, from prepping them up into individual carriers in NY to caring for them during the trip and finally bringing them to the final destination in Utah. And you still took the time to make sure all of them had water, their favorite food and their favorite toys and blankets in their carriers so the trip wouldn’t be so traumatic for them.

You are a miracle worker!!!!!
I don’t think anyone who works in your field could ever do such a wonderful job filled with compassion for your “passengers”, knowledge of how to care for the variety of needs each had on such a long and arduous journey and keeping your word that all the kids would arrive at the final destination safely with the least amount of stress, as possible.

Thank you so very much for your expertise and efficiency. I am so happy I was fortunate enough to have made the decision to use your company for such a challenging job.

Respectfully, Nonna

March 5, 2007

Dear TLC,

Thanks for driving my furry kids to NJ. Emma finally came out from under the bed tonight (Friday). They are all on the couch with me right now and seem to enjoy their new temp. home. I could not ever do your job as I don’t enjoy driving, or listening to meow meow meow for two days straight. You must have lots of patience. Hi to Gale for me and keep up the good work.


May 10, 2007

Hi Gale,

I want to thank you for taking our dog Leo and our six cats on their own personal vacation trip from PA to our new home in Colorado. It was great to see them arrive safe and sound and obviously well cared for. We appreciated the way you kept in touch, so we felt comfortable too. And thank you too for being so patient and helpful with both the departure and the arrival. We will recommend you heartily to anyone we meet who needs a pet transport service. We are so glad we found you. Hope you have a good trip back East.

Susan and Dennis and family

Excellent service !!
I had a rather unique pet travel situation and TLC worked with me to get all the cats here safe and sound. I highly recommend this company for pet owners who care about getting their pets from one location to another with minimal worries and maximum safety and

tks again
chris smock


Sept. 20, 2007


I just wanted to thank you for transporting my father’s dogs to me last week.
And let’s not forget the fact that you saved 4 cats from being put down – by transporting them with the dogs at the last minute!

Everyone is adjusting nicely to their new surroundings. They seemed to recover from the journey with you without any problems. It was nice not to have to worry about them on their trip – you made me feel that you had everything under control – and you did!

You are such a wonderful person to provide such a needed service.

Thank you again,

Hi Gale,
I wrote you first but got kicked out and was unable to even save a draft. Getting reconnected has been expensive and a challenge.
Thank you very much for the transfer–Don much exceeded any expectations I had. Gabby loved him and I think she still misses him–so do I for that matter. He was extremely professional and certainly went far past just getting the job done. He got me set up in a nice little rv park and most importantly motivated me for my new start in life.
Please give me some idea about how people handle a tip for these services. There’s no way I can adequately say thank you to Don, but I’d like some idea about how and how much is expected and fair. Don earned my utmost confidence and appreciation.
Thanks again.
MaryAnn Stafford
Anchorage, Alaska to Knoxville, TN

October 1, 2007

Words cannot express my thanks to you and Andy for the gentle and safe trip our rescue Labradoodle made from our home to his new home. Andy was a spectacular driver, a lovely and kind person, and someone of whom you should be very proud to have as an employee. Andy recognized the love Jack was taking to his new home, and the sadness we felt at losing him. And this, Jack’s first long trip in a vehicle proved a success for all. Andy did not have to call after he had left Jack at his new home, but he did, for that we will be eternally grateful. The words of comfort, the arrival in his wonderful and safe hands, the knowledge that Jack, as a rescue, had made this successful crossing-over will forever be a part of our work in rescue. Thank you and your company, and particularly the kind Andy, for helping all of us, especially Jack, into a new and exciting life. Should you need a recommendation, or should Andy, please feel free to e-mail me at doxjpl@rose.net. Thank you again for your many kindnesses, your quick response for our need for assistance, and the gentleness with which this was carried-
out. Dr. Judith LaVorgna, IDOGRescue Volunteer,
Thomasville, Georgia.
Very Bravely, Braving The Ice Storm

December 1, 2007

We adopted a sweet little dog from “Dog’s in Danger”. She was from a shelter in St. Clairsville, OH. We are in Chicago. I contacted Gale; she had a full schedule and a deadline to meet in Texas. She instantly worked her schedule to be able to pick our dog up and we would meet her in Indianapolis at 6:00PM that Saturday.

The day we set out from Chicago we found ourselves right in the middle of the first ice storm of the season. We were on Interstate 65 and moved 5 miles in 4 hours! Gale was our “calm in the storm” We were in touch with Gale via cell phone every hour. We, obviously, did not make the pick-up time in Indianapolis. Gale continued Northbound and said ‘I am coming to you!’

Finally at 10:30PM we met up with Gale in Indiana, only 70 or so miles south of Chicago! Gale came all the way North with our sweet little girl! She embraced us when we met and our dog was in great shape and obviously was well taken care of during the journey. Minnie-our dog- even whimpered as she watched Gale’s van pull away!

I think Gale is truly a blessing. Thank goodness we have people like her on our planet. Our world gets a little cold and crazy and it is so nice to have this chance encounter with Gale. I would, without a doubt, use Gale’s service again and will be mindful to pass the word on about her and her service. She really loves and cares for the animals. Thank you, thank you Gale for your selfless service!

Mary Beth, Dave and Minnie!

Mary Beth Eggers R.N.,C.R.R.N.
Spine,Sports and RehabilitaionCenter
1030 N. Clark Street
Suite #500 Chicago, Illinois 60610

Hi Gale,

I just received your beautiful card in the mail. The whole card made me tear up with joy. My family and I were truly blessed to find you. Thank you so much for helping me bring my babies from NY to TN. They are so happy here, much more happy then they were in NY. You took such good care of them. You are such a wonderful woman to do what you do. I was going through such a hard time going through a break up, and all I wanted was my special little ones and your brought them to me safe and sound. I also wanted to say thank you for taking the time and wrighting to me, also the part where you said I will find someone else special for me one day. I will recommend you all over town. Love you

Elaine G.


I am finally getting around to some things I have wanted to do for a while now. I wanted to say thank you very much to both you and Don for taking such great care of Tobie and Felix on their journey from NY to GA. They have been doing well in their new home and the transition was easy thanks to you and Don. So if we relocate again, I’m calling you! Thanks again.

Nicole Tarbell

Jan. 12, 2008

Hello Gale,

We talked and corresponded last November, and you were trying to help me have the cat of my deceased former cat-sitting customer in VA brought to me in Oregon. Then I was able to find a temporary home for 13-year old “Kiki” locally with an 82-year old friend of a friend. A reprieve, sort of. At the time you were looking into having Heather fly Kiki here on Delta.

Well, the foster mom would like to keep Kiki, which is fine with me. Yes, I worry about the old lady dying, but she seems to be in good health and I don’t think Kiki will live for oodles more years either. I mean, not everyone has an 18 1/2 year old cat like I do! THE oldest cat I’ve ever owned. And to be honest, life is not a picnic for her anymore. She’s had glaucoma for years, now has severe dementia (very disoriented at times and walks around screaming), and she can barely hear any more. I think that’s why she screams so much. She hollers for me at times because she can’t hear where I am. Speak of the devil, she just walked in meowing at the top of her lungs. ?

I know you’re more of a dog person and I wonder if “old” dogs have these same problems. It’s just like humans getting old, isn’t it?

It looks like I will not need to have Kiki transported, and wanted to let you know. Thank you for your kindness and willingness to do so. It’s very comforting to know that there are people out there like you who really care and will jump through hoops if need be to help. And as you’ve noticed — I’m sure — pet owners are willing to pay for this service. I guess animal lovers are a special breed…..

Take care, and I wish you lots of success with your business.

Sylvia Cole
756 Fernwood Drive
Medford, OR 97504

Gale and Don,

Thanks for making a potentially anxiety-inducing event so painless. You showed up when you said you would to pick up our animals. You showed them the same love and concern as we did, including fussing to get them comfortable in their travel crates. You got them to their destination quickly and safely. And you dropped them off on time. Who could ask for more? Well done.


April 9, 2008

I would enthusiastically recommend TLC Pet Transportation to anyone planning to move their animals. Moving our 8 cats, some of which need special attention, was a matter of serious concern. Gale handled the move very well; our cats were well taken care of, and although any change of situation is upsetting, our cats arrived less traumatized than from a typical trip to the vet.

If you need to move your pets, think very carefully about how they will be moved. Shipping them by air can result in serious problems. While some airlines have a climate controlled cargo hold, some do not; if something goes wrong there is no one to watch over them, and in any event they can’t pull the plane off to the side of the road to take care of it. Sending them by ground is more convenient, safer, and in the long run probably doesn’t take any longer. In addition to our cats, Gale was able to take all of their supplies and food, so everything arrived at the same time. That’s important, if your animals need special food or other care.

I really appreciate TLC’s service, and obvious concern for the welfare of the animals, and for their owners as well. This was the perfect solution to the problem of how to move our cats, and I am thoroughly pleased with the results. Thank You Gale, for all your help.

Bruce Albert
Elma, WA.

May 8, 2008

Dear Gale,
I wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation as well as to tell you how very pleased I was with the care you gave my two Australian Shepard’s during their transport from Texas to New York. The facilities you had on board for the trip was impeccable. All the way from feeding, watering and being sure they traveled in a very comfortable setting. I appreciate the fact that you stopped and rested the dogs in a motel for the first night. You were prompt with your time frames of pick-up and delivery.
My family was very pleased with the condition that the girls arrived in. They were well hydrated, fed and well rested. Most importantly, they arrived with that special sparkle in their eye.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your outstanding service. I highly recommend your services without hesitation and find it a great comfort that there is such a service available. Again Gale, many thanks.

With Warmest Regards,
Sue Snell

I was amazed by the service that I received from TLC Pet Transportation. I was in desperate need to transport Shadow, one of my rescue dogs, from New Jersey to Missouri on very short notice. I contacted TLC, and my call was returned promptly. Gayle fit Shadow on her transport, and went out of her way to pick her up with only two days notice!!!

Shadow was a Rottweiler, with a history of being abused. As a result, she was fearful and tense, and required special care. Gayle was very familiar with dog behavior, knew that Shadow needed special care and provided it. She was kind to this poor dog who had known nothing but abuse, and as a result, the receiving rescue reported that Shadow had come out of her shell a little by the time she arrived!

Both Gayle and Mike provided their cell phone numbers so that I could call them with any questions, When Shadow arrived at her destination, she was calm, relaxed and in great condition.

I am going to use TLC Pet Transport every time I am in need of pet transportation in the future, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Brigit Zahler,
Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey

May 30, 2008

Dear Gale,

Words cannot express my sincere gratitude for what you did for me and my two “kids”, Holly and Scooby when you transported them from our home in Maryland to our new home in Texas. It would have broken my heart to leave one of them behind. But you made it possible for them to be together not only with me, but with each other. These two beagles love each other so much and I love them. It has been a world of difference having them with me since my family is back in Maryland while I am working here in Texas. They looked so happy with you when you brought them to me that night. They are adjusting well and quite honestly, their behavior has improved since being with you..!!

I have recommended you to my friends and my dog walker, as well as boarding facilities that I am using here in Texas. I highly recommend your service, but more importantly–YOU. You took such good care of my family.

Thank you again and please stay in touch…!!! Travel Safe.

Best Regards,
Theresa K. Sullivan

August 2008

Gail, I wanted to drop a quick note to you about Mike and Bob, our transporters from Belton Mo to Delhi, NY, the 24 Abyssinians. I just wanted to say that Mike and Bob were GREAT! I was on edge waiting for them to arrive as a National Aby group had set up and paid for their transport from our shelter to NY, so I really had no clue what to expect. They pulled up and out popped to energetic friendly men. They were extremely patient with us loading up the 24 kitties and never once lost patience or pushed us to be faster. It was 3am and we were dragging and also sad that we were having to send these kitties elsewhere because of lack of space at our shelter. Anyway, Mike and Bob were fantastic, they made us feel comfortable and less stressed about the transporting of these babies so far. They got our precious cargo to their destination all in good shape and good time. We just wanted you to know that we appreciated them greatly and they represent your company in a very positive light. We will recommend your services to others. Please tell Mike and Bob we thank them for getting our babies across country safely!!

Director, HELP Humane Society
Belton, MO

August 2008

Dear Gale:

Challenge: To relocate an 18-year old cat, an 80# Labrador and a 50# Retriever mix from Arizona to British Columbia, safely and with as little stress as possible.

Solution: TLC Pet Transport, of course!

First of all, thank you so much for safely transporting our girls (Kuma, Olive and Daisy). Your driver, Don, put all worries to rest from the moment we spoke on the phone and the girls loved him immediately when he arrived at our house. When Don and the girls left Arizona, it was a warm & sunny March day. By the time they reached Seattle, a late spring snowstorm made an appearance and it was quite the journey on that last leg to British Columbia. Poor Don! Everyone arrived safely and we know Don took great care of the girls. As you may remember, we were very concerned how well our 18-year old cat, Kuma, would handle the 1,800-mile move. Well, she handled it fabulously. She never skipped a meal and never seemed stressed. Anyone owned by a cat knows how improbable that sounds, but it’s true.

Secondly, thank you for your eternal patience. We had many questions and concerns in the months leading up to the move. After numerous emails and even a few long phone calls, your love and knowledge of animals was clear. We knew you were the ones to entrust with our girls’ transport.

We apologize for sending our thanks and appreciation so late. It’s been a bit hectic these past four months. Keep up the great work. You provide a great service and it was so nice to have an alternative to air transport. We will not hesitate to recommend TLC Transport.

Thank you!!
Michèle & Joe Clauss
British Columbia, Canada

August 2008

Dear Gale,

Thank you so much for delivering my Elliot home to his grandparents with such care! I know it was a long trip, with terrible weather, and I am so grateful to you. I heard he barked at the puppy. Sorry about that. I can only imagine how excited he was to arrive in White Oak after nearly a year away. And to see my mom – he loves her! I will be in touch in the next week or so about bringing him to Dallas in October – my mom delivered the message that I’d better book soon.

All my best,

August 2008

I was amazed by the service that I received from TLC Pet Transportation. I was in desperate need to transport Shadow, one of my rescue dogs, from New Jersey to Missouri on very short notice. I contacted TLC, and my call was returned promptly. Gayle fit Shadow on her transport, and went out of her way to pick her up with only two days notice!!!

Shadow was a Rottweiler, with a history of being abused. As a result, she was fearful and tense, and required special care. Gayle was very familiar with dog behavior, knew that Shadow needed special care and provided it. She was kind to this poor dog who had know nothing but abuse, and as a result, the receiving rescue reported that Shadow had come out of her shell a little by the time she arrived!

Both Gayle and Mike provided their cell phone numbers so that I could call them with any questions, When Shadow arrived at her destination, she was calm, relaxed and in great condition.

I am going to use TLC Pet Transport every time I am in need to pet transportation in the future, and I woudl recommend them to anyone.

Brigit Zahler,
Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey

August 2008


I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting Ricky from CA to NJ in only four days. Furthermore, Mike’s mom passed away while he was on the last leg of his trip, and I don’t know how he held together, and finished the trip, but he is one of the most amazing, nicest, and most genuine person I have ever met. My fiance and I would like to send flowers and a card with our condolences to him and his family, and were wondering if we would be able to get a mailing address for him. Gale, Ricky arrived so happy and clean and had a wonderful time with Mike. Please thank Mike for me again when you see/speak to him. I can’t express enough how much I appreciate all he did for Ricky and us.


August 2008


I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me get my Bully up to Wisconsin on such short notice. You were more than accommodating and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Turns out the company we went with got flooded in and had lost all power and communications. Your company was amazing. Thanks to you my sons were able to take their puppy on their camping trip with them!!!!

Thanks so much
Rebecca Eggers

September 2008

All we can say is “Thank God your company exists”! Our orginal pet transport proved very unreliable.He didn’t even show up or phone on our appointment day. We had to leave our cat and dog behind for 1 month.It was very stressful on everybody!

We cannot say enough about Mike.He was very reliable,professional and personable. The best part was he kept in contact while on the road so we had no worries.We have recommended your company to anybody who will listen!

Thank you from all of us,
Dan,Jean,Kelsey,Olivia,Pounce and Willow

September 2008

Hi Don:

I just wanted to check in and stop my procrastination. I have meant to send this Email for two months now. I can’t thank you enough for the great job you did in transporting my two babies to Antioch. Your great care was greatly appreciated.

They have adjusted to country living just fine. Both seem to act like puppies out here. They had never seen a rabbit before! Keek went swimming last week for the first time. He has taken an interest in “eating the waves”. Bonnie just watches the water and chases the rabbits.

They have both become friends with the neighborhood dogs. They hang out at the end of the street and are quite the pack. The move has been a very positive thing for both of them.

Hope this finds you well and enjoying the end of the summer season. Take care and if you are ever in our area, please feel free to look us up! Linda

Linda Lubbers
Las Vegas, NV

October 2008


I wanted to drop a quick note to you about Mike and Bob, our transporters from Belton Mo to Delhi, NY, the 24 Abyssinians. I just wanted to say that Mike and Bob were GREAT! I was on edge waiting for them to arrive as a National Aby group had set up and paid for their transport from our shelter to NY, so I really had no clue what to expect. They pulled up and out popped to energetic friendly men. They were extremely patient with us loading up the 24 kitties and never once lost patience or pushed us to be faster. It was 3am and we were dragging and also sad that we were having to send these kitties elsewhere because of lack of space at our shelter. Anyway, Mike and Bob were fantastic, they made us feel comfortable and less stressed about the transporting of these babies so far. They got our precious cargo to their destination all in good shape and good time. We just wanted you to know that we appreciated them greatly and they represent your company in a very positive light. We will recommend your services to others. Please tell Mike and Bob we thank them for getting our babies across country safely!!

Director, HELP Humane Society
Belton, MO

October 2008


I am so sorry it has taken me this long to send an email to let you know how pleased I was with the service Mike Avery provided in transporting Mocha and Sanka fromTexas to Florida. Mike kept me updated re the “kids” travels from when he picked them up to delivery and I am so happy to finally have them here with me. I would recommend your services to anyone and Mike is a gem! Thanks, Marty

Marty Clark, PT
Regional Manager of Training and Compliance
Accelerated Care Plus

October 2008

Hi, Gale.

I apologize for the tardiness of my note but still wanted to write to thank you for your help with our move. As you know, our move was a huge undertaking with 4 children, 23 dogs, 11 cats, 2 rabbits, 1 lizard and a turtle to relocate from VA to CO. So overwhelming was just the idea of this move that it took me over a year to get up the courage to attempt it despite the fact my husband had already relocated for his job. Without you, I don’t think I would have reached that point. You gave us invaluable advice on how to accomplish our part of the undertaking, and you were always calm, cool and collected even when our stress mounted. When our RV broke down delaying our departure, you didn’t skip a beat, but continued on, safely delivering our cats and rabbits to our new home. You got them nicely settled in before returning to VA to load up with some of our dogs. Thoughtfully, we left the more difficult dogs for you to transport, LOL, but we knew that you had this process down to a science and would likely handle them on the road better than us!

Caring for dogs is what I do, much of who I am, and I love my four legged friends beyond words. Many of the dogs in our little “sanctuary”, (those who were never adopted for one reason or another), have suffered in their lives, and I have promised them all that they will know nothing other than kindness, compassion, love and comfort for the rest of their lives. I was afraid that moving them across country would risk their safety. I had visions of one of my dogs getting loose and running off scared in the middle of nowhere. I told my husband that I would not make this move unless I was confident that they would be safe and not be traumatized in any way. Having worked for an airline for years, I knew too much to feel comfortable putting any of my animals on a commercial flight. Talking to you finally gave me the confidence I needed to make the move.

We have now been in our new home for two months, and we are all having a wonderful time exploring our new and very different surroundings. Not one dog was traumatized in the least by the three day trek across country. To the contrary, they all arrived calm and happy and were thrilled with their new yard full of interesting smells and little critters to chase, (but never catch!). The cats came out of their hiding places within a couple of days also intrigued with their new home. Even the rabbits, known to be very sensitive creatures, were completely unaffected.

Gale, we cannot thank you enough for helping to bring our family all together in one home again. We love CO, but VA is home, so when it’s time to go back, we will definitely be calling you. We joke that next time we’ll beg you to move ALL the animals, since you’re so much better at it than us!!

Please stop by and visit us whenever you’re over this way; we’d all love to see you. Sweetie sends you lots of licks.

Elizabeth for all of the Cope family

November 2008

Great, Easy Trip

Thanks for making a potentially anxiety-inducing event so painless. You showed up when you said you would to pick up our animals. You showed them the same love and concern as we did, including fussing to get them comfortable in their travel crates. You got them to their destination quickly and safely. And you dropped them off on time. Who could ask for more? Well done.


November 2008

Hi Gale,

I wrote you first but got kicked out and was unable to even save a draft. Getting reconnected has been expensive and a challenge.

Thank you very much for the transfer–Don much exceeded any expectations I had. Gabby loved him and I think she still misses him–so do I for that matter. He was extremely professional and certainly went far past just getting the job done. He got me set up in a nice little rv park and most importantly motivated me for my new start in life.

Plz give me some idea about how people handle a tip for these services. There’s no way I can adequately say thank you to Don, but I’d like some idea about how and how much is expected and fair. Don earned my utmost confidence and appreciation.

Thanks again.
MaryAnn Stafford

November 2008


We just wanted to let you know how thankful we are to have had Sophie taken care of during our move from Florida to California! It was such a blessing to know she was in such good hands. We will surely use your services in the future and recommend you to friends and family.


Kevin and Bethany

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TLC Pet Transport
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 3 reviews
 by Linda Hughes
Cross Country Transport

A great big thank you and 5 stars to TLC for transporting my cat, Jackson, from CT to NV. Your driverJames was wonderful, and stayed in regular contact with me about Jackson and the trip. They arrived right on time and Jackson was just as fat and sassy as ever! Thank you for a wonderful, stress-free experience!


 by Brandy Vanderbrug

We wanted to add another fur member to our family before Christmas & decided on a Jack Russell Terrier. Looking around our local area we were unsuccessful. Searching online & found an awesome breeder through a website but due to COVID was unable to ship as they were 2500 miles from us. After searching for a ground transport finding everyone to be expensive, I discovered TLC Transport Services. We requested an estimate receiving one within a day or so & got something better. We found out they had Nanny Flight Service & was affordable!! This was perfect without having to stress & take time off work, this was exactly what we needed. Nanny Deanna was absolutely amazing! She was in constant communication the entire trip sending us photos & text messages from meeting with breeder to reaching us. We are so happy with your service Gale! You will be the transport service we use in the future as well as recommend to our friends, family, & anyone who asks how we got our angel 2500 miles to us! Happy Holidays to you & your amazing transporters.

 by Kaifa
Thank you from Marley!

Marley is our 13 month old lab-shepherd mix over-sized puppy. As a covid-puppy, he was relatively sheltered from other people and other places; most importantly, he hates getting in the car and is extremely tense during rides. I didn’t know how I was going to get him from Colorado to North Carolina to start a new job, especially since at his size and weight, my investigations revealed that he was too big to fly. TLC Pet transport was perfect for our needs! The owner, Gale, promptly responded to all of my inquiries. Likewise, the driver, Heidi, was excellent at staying in touch with me at every stop and telling me how she had cajoled Marley in the car each time. He arrived in very good time and we received him happy and healthy at the other end.

Thank you so much Heidi and Gale for making transporting Marley to our destination relatively stress-free! I highly recommend TLC Pet Transport!