FAQ & Information

1. Q. What do I need to supply for my pet transport?

A. You will need a Health Certificate from your veterinarian no older than 10 days, a collar for each dog and enough food for your transport.
A blanket or T shirt that smells like home is optional but usually helpful.

2. Q. What is a health certificate and where do I get one?

A. A Health Certificate is a form that states that your pet(s) is free from all infectious or contagious disease and is current on all vaccinations,
including Rabies. It should also state that your pet(s) is in good health and fit for traveling across state lines. The Health Certificate must be
signed by a licensed veterinarian. We also require that your pets be treated for fleas and ticks.

3. Q. Will I be able to check up on my pet(s) to see how they are doing and where they are?

A. Your driver will call you the day before your scheduled pickup date to introduce himself. You will be given your driver’s mobile number,
All calls are welcome. You are free to call or text your driver throughout your pet’s transport to check on the status of their trip.

4. Q. My pet(s) take medication, will that be a problem?

A. All of TLC Pet Transport’s drivers are trained to administer medications and injections. All mediation will be dispensed according to your

5. Q. How often do you stop to walk my dogs?

A. Our drivers stop every 3 to 4 hours for potty and exercise breaks. Each dog gets an individual 10 minute walk with their driver.

6. Q. When are my pets fed and given water?

A. Our drivers will feed your pet(s) according to your instructions on their Feeding & Special Instruction form which is filled out by you before
transport. All dogs and cats have water available at all times.

7. Q. Is my pet transport tax deductible?

A. Your pet transport may be tax deductible if it pertains to a job relocation. Please refer to IRS publication #521 and also your tax adviser.

8. Q. Do my pet(s) need to be in a crate?

A. Your dog(s) does not need to be crated with a private transport. They can lay on a bed in our carpeted mini van. With a group transport, we
will allow one dog per van to ride crate free. This is done on a “who books first” basis. Cats must remain crated for the entire transport, group or private. But their crates are large enough to hold a full size litter box and provide ample walking around room.

  • 9. Q. How long will my pet transport take?

A. Your transport will take 1 to 4 days, depending on the length of your move. A coast to coast transport will never take longer than 4 days.

10. Q. Where does my pet(s) sleep at night?

A. With a private family transport, your pet(s) sleep in a motel with their driver. With group transports, all pets sleep with their driver at police
patrolled rest areas.

11. Q. Can I travel with my pet(s)?

A. Sorry, no. Our liability insurance is limited to pets only.

12. Q. What kind of pets do you transport?

A. TLC Pet Transport, Inc. has transported dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, tarantulas, snakes, ferrets, fish, hermit crabs, all types
of lizards, geckos and small pigs. We transport everything but hooved animals.