One of the most heart warming rescues

This summer I had the privilege to be involved with one of the most heart warming rescues that I have ever done. Below you will find the links to the “live” video that one of the local TV stations captured and also a story that was written in the Tribune, a local paper. Please click… Read more »

How old is your pet?

DOGS CATS AGE OF DOG HUMAN YEARS AGE OF CAT HUMAN YEARS 1 year 15 years 1 month 5-6 months 2 years 24 years 2 months 9-10 months 3 years 28 years 3 months 2-3 years 4 years 32 years 4 months 5-6 years 5 years 36 years 5 months 8-9 years 6 years 40… Read more »