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How to Help a Dog With Arthritis

Canine osteoarthritis, more commonly known as arthritis, is a degenerative joint condition that affects dogs. Just like humans and their joints can suffer from arthritis, dogs, too, can feel pain due to stiff, immobile joints. There is no cure for your dog’s arthritis, but there are ways to help prevent its onset and relieve its… Read more »

Dollar-Stretching Tips for First-Time Pet Owners

Image via Pexels Dollar-Stretching Tips for First-Time Pet Owners   Are you thinking of making an addition to your family in the way of a furry, feathered, or scaly friend? While it might be tempting to bring home the first wagging tail you see, it’s important to make a good fit so both you and… Read more »

Dog Adoption Tips – Bringing Home a New Rescue Dog

Are you planning to adopt a rescue dog? Do you think you are all set by preparing a comfy bed and a bowl of good food? Adopting a rescue dog is not as simple as you think. Every dog has a different personality that reflects his past, and you do not know the backstory of… Read more »

Traveling With Pets: Ways To Keep Them
Calm And Happy

Traveling with your pet can be an exciting adventure you look forward to or a dreaded, terrifyingexperience. It depends on how your pet behaves when traveling. Some pets have severe cases of travelanxiety while others look like they were born for the road! If you are in the first group – you dread traveling with… Read more »

Now’s the Time to Start a Pet Care Business

Did you know that 70% of U.S. households have at least one pet, as noted by the 2021/2022 National Pet Owners Survey? That’s equivalent to 90.5 million families. Ultimately, this means your chances of having clients for a pet-based business are high, especially in Florida, which has a high rate of pet ownership compared to other states.   … Read more »

10 Tips for Safety when Traveling with Pets

  Contracting a professional pet transportation service, like TLC Pet Transport, Inc. is a popular choice for people relocating across the country. And for snowbirds traveling from one home to another in the winter months. But if you decide to travel with your pets, we have provided these safety tips for you. It can be… Read more »

Tips for Adopting a New Pet After Losing a Beloved Family Member

Photo Credit: A pet can bring great joy to your life, offering unconditional love and affection and companionship. Losing a pet can be a great source of stress, however. Psychology Today confirms that losing an animal friend can be a truly traumatic experience, comparable to losing a friend or family member for most people…. Read more »

Staying Fit With Your Pup: Tips For Travelers

Photo via Pixabay Traveling with a pet can be tons of fun, especially if you have a dog. Pooches are usually up for excitement and are willing to try just about anything with you, making them a perfect travel companion. The benefits of sharing your adventures with your dog are numerous, but one of the… Read more »

First Class Transportation for your Pets and Animals

Animal Shipping Company

You cannot afford to leave anything to chance when it comes to your pets’ health and happiness. This is why we have established ourselves as the providers of a first-class Animal Shipping Company, specializing in dog shipping and cat shipping with the highest of standards and care for the animals. We were created to fulfil… Read more »

Tender Loving Care

As the country’s leading Animal Shipping Company, we have built our enviable reputation on a genuine love for animals and a desire to help people with the daunting task of finding the right pet relocation service for their well-loved pets. Cat shipping is one of our main areas of work, and we know well how… Read more »