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The Humane Society of the United States was responsible for establishing a web site that allows you information as to the “goings on” of theanimals transported by all airlines. Please click on the link below: This link will take you to the Aviation Consumer Protection Division. Click on “air travel consumer report”, USDepartment of Transportation… Read more »

Emergency Alert: Don’t Transport Pets By Air!

Airlines Show Little Regard For Animals’ Safety The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) hasissued an emergency alert warning pet owners to avoid transporting their animalsby air, particularly during the hot summer months. ALDF cited airlines continueddisregard for the safety of the animals they carry as the reason for thewarning. “Despite hundreds of incidents in which… Read more »

Adam found his perfect puppy across the world

Turning 13 in the Wasserman family is a special occasion. It means the new teenager gets to chose between a party or a puppy as a birthday present. Lani, now 19, opted for the party, although she later ended up with a cat named Matt. Zach, 17, chose a Chesapeake Bay retriever, Flash. In February,… Read more »

One of the most heart warming rescues

This summer I had the privilege to be involved with one of the most heart warming rescues that I have ever done. Below you will find the links to the “live” video that one of the local TV stations captured and also a story that was written in the Tribune, a local paper. Please click… Read more »

How old is your pet?

DOGS CATS AGE OF DOG HUMAN YEARS AGE OF CAT HUMAN YEARS 1 year 15 years 1 month 5-6 months 2 years 24 years 2 months 9-10 months 3 years 28 years 3 months 2-3 years 4 years 32 years 4 months 5-6 years 5 years 36 years 5 months 8-9 years 6 years 40… Read more »